Friday, January 16, 2009

Regarding Versaries

Today is an exciting day for me. Partly because it's Friday preceding a three day weekend, but primarily because it's my Blogaversary! It was one year ago today that I got intrigued enough at home during my paternity leave, poking aimlessly around cyberspace reading other blogs, that I decided to find the easiest and least expensive blogging platform available (You can't beat $Free.99) to start my own blog. Thus Luke, I am Your Father was born.

(My inaugural post spoke to the difficulties
of talking about a good nights sleep)

Blogging about my experience as a new father has been amazingly rewarding. It certainly helps to have such a terrific subject. Lukas is an endless source happiness, joy, pride, fun, and blog fodder as well. At the time, I had no concept that I would actually still be doing this a year later, but as they say "When the ride is good, why get off?". Yes, I did just make that up. But that is the great thing about having your own blog (That you have control, not that you can make stuff up - Everything I publish is 100% true, of course).

Special thanks goes out to Mrs. LIAYF, who has been my editor, my compass, and my strongest supporter during the past year. I couldn't have kept this up without her. Thanks also to all of you who have stopped by to introduce yourself, leave an encouraging comment during tough times, or to provide regular feedback. You are all terrific!

Another reason today is special is because it is also the 44th Anniversary of my two most strident Lurkers. You could even say they are the King and Queen of the LIAYF Lurkers. They love every aspect of this simple little blog. Ok, truthfully, they always want more content that is specifically about Lukas but still, they loyally read every word, no matter what I post.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Your example over the years has taught me so much about how to be a good husband and parent. And, I am still taking notes.

By the way, a comment every now and then wouldn't kill ya, would it??


nonna said...

happy anniversary to you and most especially to your parents! i think its amazing when couples stay together that long. amazing because i know that all of those 44 years probably weren't all roses and sunshine and that they had to WORK at it to make it last. yeah for them!

Dan said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Just so you know, i have a six day weekend starting tomorrow. Ha!

SciFi Dad said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

What a day for a lot of people! 44 yers is a whopper of a marriage. It is also good that they get to see you and your wonderful family like this.

There is a lot of proudness to be spread around. That smile is precious...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the first year!

1 year in blog years is like 7 dog years, or something, so you've been doing this a LONG time!

Being us... said...

Congrats on year one, can't wait to keep reading about Lukas in year two! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad LIAYF!!!

Martin said...

ONLY a year?

my word. That photo is magic.


James (SeattleDad) said...

@Nonna - Thanks. They were here and read the comment. Said, that yes it was hard work and wanted to extend thanks.

@Dan - Oh, rub it in on my Blogaversary. Thanks for the support.

@Scifi - Thanks for the support.

@MTAE - Thanks for the kind words, and the support.

@Being Us. They say thanks, as do I.

@Super Mega - How many blog years = a dog year?

@Xbox - Seems like longer! Thanks for all your great comments (except the Lulu the cow one).

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy Blogiverary, James and Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad LIAYF.

Eric said...

Happy Blog-aversary, did I spell that right? Shouldn't that of been put in a parenthesis? Anyway, you're blog is not only hilarious, but informative and helpful! Did you ever think people would be going to your blog, your very thoughts and think, "hey, I'm glad to know this happens to other people!?!"

Anyway, glad to have met you! Keep it up man!


Anonymous said...

Happy blogaversary! Glad to see you're keeping it going, unlike some other suckers who bale on their blogaversary... ahem. haha!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@CDA - Thanks. It seems like longer.

@Eric - Thanks so much for the nice comment. And, no, I wouldn't have imagined that at all. I appreciate the great feedback.

@Diane - You went out on top, while I am pushing it past my prime. LOL!

Whit said...

Happy all that stuff to you and yours!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Whit - Thanks, it went fast.