Monday, May 4, 2009

The Root of My Sore Back

Wanna know how I spent a gorgeous Spring Sunday here in Seattle?

Sailing the brisk waters of Puget Sound? No.
Hiking one of the thousands of scenic Cascade trails? No.
Casually biking with my wife and son along picturesque Alki Beach? No Again.
Taking my son to one of many fun-filled neighborhood parks to soak in the sunshine? That would be Nada.
No, this would be exactly how I spent my Sunday afternoon. . . .

This behemoth of a root system was hidden under an approximately 10 inch diameter Pine tree stump which also happened to sit directly on the spot where Mrs. LIAYF and I wanted to place a brand new tree. Luke's tree!

Lukas provided plenty of physical as well as moral support. In the end, it was all well worth it because along with a fairly sore back for yours truly. . . .

We ended up with a beautiful Japanese Maple where the stump used to be.

Tell me readers, how did you spend your Sunday??


SciFi Dad said...

'Tis a fine tree, english.

We spent ours at the zoo (and later WalMart, for diapers and other parenting necessities).

Ed said...

Yesterday was Zia's Day of Fun. Activity all day long.

I've got a few of the Japanese Maple trees in my yard. Love them! Hope yours takes root and grows well.

Captain Dumbass said...

I spent my Sunday in your fair city. We checked out of our hotel early then headed up to the Pacific Science Centre. Then after much debate over going straight home or stopping in Everett we decided to go to the Flying Heritage Collection there and I'm sooooo glad we did. It only has 13 planes compared to the bajillion that the Flight Museum has, but once Lukas gets a little older I highly recommend it. Then a long drive home.

Nice choice of trees.

Idaho Dad said...

Helped clean the city beach, ate some free hot dogs that gave me a tummy ache, then headed home for an uncharacteristic nap that had me feeling much better.

Anonymous said...

I mowed lawns, did laundry and subjected my sick daughter to a chick flick via bribery with Ben & Jerry's.
Lovely tree! I had one in a garden years ago and they are very pretty :o)

FilmFather said...

Me? Oh, I spent 4 hours of my afternoon at Pep Boys getting new tires for my wife's car. My own fault -- she told me weeks ago that they were losing air.

On the plus side, it was buy 3 tires, get one free.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Scifi - The Zoo sounds like fun. I think Lukas would appreciate that now.

@Ed - Celebrating a Sweet girls birthday is much better than digging a pesky root.

@Captain - Thanks for the tip. I hadn't heard of it before.

@Somebody say bad hotdog?? Ewww. Glad you got over it.

@Penelope - You had to bribe someone of the female variety to watch a chick flick? How old is she? Thanks for stopping by.

@Film Father - 4 hours to get tires on a Sunday? Ouch. My tire place is a couple blocks from my house so I can do other things.

Like dig stumps up.

Steve said...

After a nice lie-in I entertained my daughter, mostly (if memory serves me) by chasing her round the house in an attempt to persuade her to let me put a clean nappy on her, but also by serenading her.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Awesome! it looks great and it looked like Luke helped out a lot! We had a princess party, a bit of a different experience, but just as fun!

Momo Fali said...

The before and after pictures prove this was a job and a half! Well done!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Steve - Sounds like a fun afternoon. Thanks for stopping by.

@Petra - I had to cancel my princess party to dig up the root. I was bummed but there is always next weekend.

@Momo - You have to do those things every once in a while just to know you are alive! lol.

Knatolee said...

Augh, taking out stumps is BRUTAL work. Good job, but I'm not surprised your back is wrecked. But the Japanese maple is absolutely gorgeous. It's one of my favourite trees, but I suspect our little micro-climate here is too harsh for one.

Luke looks like a fine young gardener/handyman! You need to get him a set of junior-size tools. :)

I spent Sunday cleaning debris out more of the ridiculous number (16) of flower beds that came with this farm we bought almost two years ago.

Eric said...

Awesome job... well manicured tree area you have there...

we tried to begin that this past weekend but I dredd my back hurting as well...

but hey, you gave me something to strive towards!
BTW - Luke looks like he did some hard labor there!

Dad Stuff said...

That is a pretty tree.
It's amazing how many roots grow from such small plants. Sometimes a cup of gasoline and a match seems easier.

Whit said...

You weren't planting a tree, you were planting memories.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Knatolee - That sounds rather exhausting too! Luke is a good worker and soon he will earn his own set of appropriately sized tools.

@Eric - Thanks. It took a while for me after Luke was born to even want to attempt big projects. You will get there.

@Whit - Exactly. Perfectly said.

@Dadstuff - Perhaps, but that would have taken longer than I had, and I want to keep Luke away form gas and fire for a while longer at least.