Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Case of the Happy's

Happy! Happy!
Yes, it's Halloween and we all have good reason to dress up, eat candy, and scare the crap out of people. However, here at Casa LIAYF we have even more reason to spread the cheer, smile, eat cake, sing, and most of all be happy.
It's Mrs. LIAYF's Birthday!
I would like to say I have some great surprise planned. That she will be getting more than a small birthday bag full of gifts and this lame heartfelt post. (Yes, that is the same image I used on last year's Halloween birthday post).
But in reality both of us have been putting all of our resources into our basement remodel project recently (tired of hearing about it yet?). And it is a project that, when done, will be a true gift to her. She knows and understands this.
So, here is a Happy Halloween to you all. Be safe when taking the little ones around the neighborhood. But most of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife. Sweets, next year we will have a big party at our house.
I promise.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. LIAYF! And Happy Halloween to you all!

Martin said...

That woman deserves a medal...

happy birthday!

Dan said...

You're starting to make me glad I don't have a basement of my own to remodel.

Just make sure you finish it before YOUR birthday.

Mrs. M said...

Have a wonderful day!

ericdbolton said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. LIAYF!

Ron said...

Very cool! Happy Birthday to the Mrs.

PJ Mullen said...

A Happy Birthday, albeit belated, to the Mrs.

Knatolee said...

HB to your lovely missus! ANd I hope the little guy had a great Hallowe'en.

Irrational Dad said...

Happy birthday to the real ruler of the house (even though us Y chromosome holders hate to admit it)!

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Many happy returns to your missus! And, I think a bloggie post dedicated to her is simply loverly!

SciFi Dad said...

Happy Birthday!

I got you something too: your very own internet pseudonym. From now on, you will no longer just be Mrs. LIAYF, you will be LIAYM (the meaning of which should be obvious).

(btw: you look fabulous - and way too young to have a son as old as Lukas, I might add - for 29)