Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Darndest Things

Humorous things often come from the mouth of a 2-year-old. Thought I'd share a few recent quips from ours:

"Man were Choo-Choo Train, Daddy!"
(After hearing a Pavarotti clip on the radio this morning. Opera/Train Whistle. I make that same mistake all the time.)

"That's Grandma Woo!"
(Looking at an old HS Basketball photo and pointing at a team mate of mine. Er...not quite son. Note the Adams Apple.)
"You almost too cool, daddy!"
(I grinned at this one…that is until he repeated it and amended 'cool' to 'school')
"Well…we did not go under it."
(Duh! After being asked if he went over the bridge that morning)
"I saw a cwown yesterday!!"
(At the Sunday Farmer’s market. I kinda hoped he would forget about that. It was a seriously creepy looking clown.)
"You siwii Daaaddy!" (laughing)
(While acting goofy together last night. Pure fun.)

"One square for pee-pee Daddy!"
(Behind me while finishing my #1 business. Note to self: Must teach that boy to shake!)

"Cover me up. Cover me up Mommy!"
(3:30 AM last night. Followed by several pointed pokes in my back from Mrs. LIAYF...Ugh! He should have just asked for me in the first place.)
And Finally...
"Kiss it!"
(After bending over naked and telling us his bummy was hurting.)


ericdbolton said...

Just wait.. He'll be surprising you very soon with his vocabulary.. All of a sudden between 2 and 3, my daughter just started talking..

My just turned 2yo son is starting to piece words together..

My favorite is..
"Daddy.. Home.. Work?"
Which is asking me.. "Daddy are you home from work??"

SciFi Dad said...

Awesome. He's two and already telling you to kiss his ass and that you're not cool?

Kori said...

HA. Made me laugh out loud. Yesterday Owen said, clear as a bell, "What the HELL?" and I kind of wished he was mute.

Lady Mama said...

Hahaha! I love the last one especially. We were at a playgroup yesterday and my son yelled "Grandpa! Grandpa!" at a woman across the room. Thankfully she didn't notice.

Anonymous said...

I can barely breathe after the 'kiss it' comment. That is just priceless.

ChefNick said...

The sadness is that you're actually ignoring what is
first and foremost in his mind.

A Free Man said...

We've got some dodgy clowns in these parts too, makes me wonder who decides to become a clown...

Captain Dumbass said...

Ah, kiss it. Nothing is quite so precious as your child from that angle.

DCUrbanDad said...

Did ya kiss it?

Irrational Dad said...

You know you kissed it!!

Tyler surprises me everyday with single words, I can't imagine him actually forming sentences... scary and awesome at once.