Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Blade Runner Released

Happy New Year readers!  This post comes to you from beautiful Seattle Washington, where the sun has been shining in a nearly cloudless sky all year long.  Sweeeet.  Ah yes, the promises that the new year bring seem so much more attainable when you are soaking up bucket loads of Vitamin D. 

I sincerely hope the golden rays of 2011 have similarly shone upon you all.  We here at LIAYF are recovering a bit here today, as a last minute party invite found us walking down the street last night to one truly social gathering.  There were kids, there were toys, there were fireworks, and there were drinks aplenty. In short, it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday was also a fun day here for another reason as Mrs. LIAYF and I took Lukas ice skating for the very first time.  There is a small rink set up at the Seattle Center for the holidays so we decided it would be a fun way to close out year.  And it most certainly was.

I doubt I have ever mentioned this here before, but my own first experience ice skating was fairly memorable as well.  My first experience on blades wasn't until I was in my late 20's when I went on my first date with a gorgeous blonde, who would later tell me that she was so impressed that a guy could make such spectacularly theatrical falls onto the ice, and always pop back up with a smile, that she knew right then and there that he was the person she wanted to spend her life with.  And so we have.

My lovely wife and I can only hope Lukas' first experience ice skating will have such a profoundly positive impact on his life, as mine had on me.  Though it is unlikely that he met, or shared the ice with his future bride yesterday.  Although, you never know.  Perhaps he and that slightly older beauty who gracefully glided by at about the 1:25 mark will unknowingly bump into each other on their way to a psych lecture 16 or 17 years from now. Stranger things have happened.

True, we may never know what future benefit our little guy will glean from strapping on blades for the first time.  But I do know that Mrs. LIAYF and I will be glad we caught it on tape.


goodfather said...

Nice! Wow, they have walkers for ice skating now?? That's cool! I guess I haven't been ice skating in a while, lol. Great video, and it looks like a perfect day out. The L-man can skate!

Didactic Pirate said...

What a great post, bud.
And those walkers are genius. I could use one myself when Mini-Pirate and I ice skate.

Homemaker Man said...

Great Post. Great Vid. He looks like he is doing great.
They don't allow those walker thingies on the ice at our rink anymore. They take their hockey pretty seriously around here,.

House of Ophelia, Kamtun said...

Amazing post SeattleDad. Great to see Lucas and you both enjoying yourselves enomorously. Happy and Blessed New Year from Malaysia. God bless.

Ordinary Dad said...

That kid is fearless. From jumping off the third step into leaves to immediately abandoning the walker on ice! I"m impressed! Have a happy new year LIAYF family!

Diplo_Daddy said...

I can't skate for nothing! Do they offer those walkers for adults, too?

Kate said...

SO cute!!

Cheers to 2011 bringing you good health, laughter, peace, love and more happiness than your heart can hold!

Slamdunk said...

He looks like a natural; nice job dad. We are trying to master frozen puddle skating with our young crew--it has been lots of spills so far though.

Anonymous said...

Apolo Anton Ohno should be worried. Great vid.

SciFi Dad said...

That's awesome.

My daughter has already asked me to put a rink in our backyard this year. I think I might try... if nothing else, it'll provide good blog fodder.

Jack said...

Glad to hear all that falling down worked out for you. ;)

Otter Thomas said...

It's great to share things that are special to you with your kids. He looks like a pro.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Goodfather - Yes, they do. I was coveting them all afternoon.

@Didactic - Me and you brother, me and you.

@Homemaker - They don't give a damn about Hockey here. Or any other sport for that matter.

@Ophelia - Thanks. And Happy New year to you too.

@OrdinaryDad - I wrote a post early on about how everyone always said that he was fearless. Things haven't changed. Thanks.

@Dipplo - Me either, but it worked out pretty nicely for me.

@Kate - Happy New Year to you too. I already have more love than my heart should be able to hold. But I can always make room for more.

@Slamdunk - Now that is authentic skating. Good luck with them.

@DC - Apollo is from around here. Perhaps he can give some lessons. maybe even some for Lukas too.

@Scifi - Now that is serious. Would love to read about it.

@Jack - That it did. That it did.

@Otter - Yes, that is what it is all about, isn't it? Thanks.