Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Very Hungry Three Year Old

Good Saturday to you readers.

Despite battling another head and chest cold, of which Mrs. LIAYF and I are now fully grasping why it is called common, Lukas has not lost his appetite.

Not at all. In fact, it is only Saturday afternoon at the time of publishing this, and thus far our little three year old has already consumed, respectively for breakfast and lunch:

1 bowl of dry granola
2 large blueberry pancakes with peanut butter and honey.
1 egg - scrambled with serving of Monterrey Jack cheese.
1/2 large banana
1/2 large Kiwi fruit.
1 cup of milk

2 whole peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
1/2  large Braeburn apple
1 medium sized bowl of tomato soup.
1 cup of milk

Frankly this amazes me.  How can such a little dude make short work of so much food?

After he had finished lunch Mrs. LIAYF and I just looked at each other with a grin, before she said to me "Wow. How much is he going to eat as a teenager?!"

I'm not sure, but I am sure we will be just as incredulous then as we are now.

P.S. He slowed a bit at dinner, eating only half his bowl of chili along with 3 mini corn muffins and applesauce.  But then proceeded to eat a bowl of popcorn during movie night before rounding it out with a bowl of cereal before being tucked in for the night.


Anonymous said...

That's what the hollow leg is for.

Clint said...

WOAH>>> I think that you better get a side job to prepare for his teenage years..:)

Juli said...

It's been my experience that whaen that happens, a growth spurt is coming. Save your pennies for an entire new wardrobe, 'cause the times 'a coming.

Damn. Now I'm hungry.

Ordinary Dad said...

Holy Cow!

DGB said...

I see a membership to Costco in your future.

SciFi Dad said...

Nice. That sounds like my boy, except he eats like that

It's frightening when you realize that there are meals where he eats more dinner than me.

Didactic Pirate said...

Heh heh. Sounds like you've got a future linebacker on your hands.

Diplo_Daddy said...

That sounds like an accurate description of our son, a five year-old boy. Our child never seems to have enough in his stomach. Within an hour of eating a massive dinner, he’s asking us for a PB&J sandwich. And when he comes home from school each afternoon, the first half an hour is spent eating everything in sight!

Otter Thomas said...

Wow! He can really put it away. That's good. So many kids don't ever want to eat. Of course you'll need about five jobs to feed him in high school.

Mrs. M said...

That is probably equal to how much Eli eats in a week! Must be growing and growing!! :)

Lady Mama said...

Oh I believe it, I do. My 3.5 year old eats (I'm not kidding) almost as much as me. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when they're teenagers. Expensive?

goodfather said...

Feed a cold, starve a fever. What, I'm first with that? Whoa. ;)

Anonymous said...

My 125 pound 15 year old (who admittedly, runs cross country and plays soccer) has been documented to put away 5 big slices of pizza (basically a medium pizza all to himself), and once ate 6 sloppy joe sandwiches for lunch. He's like the hobbits, too....he sometimes has second lunch and second dinners. Missy

Rachael said...

Holy cow! I was impressed when my 4.5 year old ate 2 bowls of mac & cheese at Red Robin last night, but he has NOTHIN on Lucas!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@DC - I am pretty sure he has one.

@GB - I am putting in my apps.

@Julliana - I think so.

@Ordinary Dad - Yup!

@Daddy Geek Boy - Already have one, thankfully.

@Scifi - So does Lukas.

@Didactic - I am hoping for wideout.

@Dipplo - I wouldn't have expected this at such a young age.

@Otter - Delivering pizza would work, that way I could bring a few home with me.

@Mighty M - I don't understand how kids who don't eat much still grow.

@Lady Mama - Same here. Yes, it will be very expensive.

@Goodfather - Maybe that's what it is. I am sick now and very hungry too.

@Missy - That is frightening. Thanks for the comment.

@Rachael - He is a good eater. And not picky either, which is nice.

PJ Mullen said...

Holy smokes! I'd kill for my son to eat half that much at any time. Hope you all feel better soon.