Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Eggs and Chinese

Mrs. LIAYF, Lukas and I were traveling home a couple of nights ago we realized that *surprise* we weren't in the mood to make dinner.

"Let's stop for some take out" I suggested

"Great, how about Chinese?"  Mrs. LIAYF responded.

"Noooooo!" cried Lukas.  "I don't want CHINESE!  Yucky!"

"But, You've never even had Chinese food buddy" I nearly snorted. "Just give it a try.  Like, Green Eggs and Chinese". 
He was unconvinced though.  "No, I don't like it!"  he whined. 

I don't know what was up.  Maybe it just sounded like a vegetable to him.

And, just as I was about to tell him "Tough, we are getting it anyway, and I'm sure you'll like it", Mrs. LIAYF interjected with this alternate tactic.

"Okay Lukas why don't we try something else?  Why don't we try out Ho-Win food instead?*  It's yummy and Ryan and Ella across the street  just had some yesterday and they really loved it.  Is that a better idea?"

"Yeah!  That sounds good!  Let's get some of that instead!" he enthusiastically responded.

Mrs. LIAYF and I just turned our eyes towards each other and grinned as we pulled up to the take out restaurant.

A little while later we were all gorging on healthy portions of Spring rolls, Cashew Chicken, and of course General Tso's famous Ho-Win Chicken. 

It was actually pretty good, but my fortune cookie on the other hand was pretty lame.  It read: Someone is going to give you something. 

I lamented for a while about not getting something more profound inside my treat.  That is, until I realized that that probably a pretty standard fortune for a Ho-Win cookie.
*Ho-Win is the name of our local Chinese Dive.


ericdbolton said...

My kids will probably do the same. But they also wouldn't eat it if we gave it to them on their plate. The only way they'll eat it, if it's from grandpa when he's trying to eat. They think it's the best thing ever.

kirida said...

Oh I love Ho-Win. They can have my money any day and my kids will have to eat it because I'm paying.

Mrs. M said...

Kudo's to mom for her brilliant strategy!

@AnOrdinaryDad said...

If I tell my daughter that Dora or Diego made it for her, she loves it...wait, is that wrong?

Captain Dumbass said...

Whatever it takes.

SciFi Dad said...

My son tells us he won't eat meat; just bacon and sausage.

Jason said...

"Someone is going to give you something"

LIAYF, dude, that had me rolling.
It's just SO obscure. What, like a sucker, a free car, herpes?
It's like a Kinder Egg. You never know what you'll get!

The Cheeky Daddy

Homemaker Man said...

We use the Green Eggs gambit to little effect ourselves. Though the PEanut LOVES chinese food. Loves it. It's kind of odd.

Homemaker Man said...

We use the Green Eggs gambit to little effect ourselves. Though the PEanut LOVES chinese food. Loves it. It's kind of odd.

Didactic Pirate said...

Once again, Mrs. LIAYF reveals to be a diabolical genius. Plus crafty.

Chris (twistedxtian) said...

Brilliant strategy! I'll be saving that one for later use. :)

writtendad said...

Strange how they have these preset likes and dislikes with food, isn't it?

But something sweet? Well that they'll try without giving it a second thought.

Kimber said...

It's funny, the things we tell our kids and the things they will believe! Sigh, alas, my 5 year old and my 8 year old daughters are no longer that easy to fool....ugh! lol

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Eric - Poor Grandpa isn't getting much with that many kids stealing from him.

@Kirida - First time we ate there in 10 years. Now they are closing down. Bummer.

@Mighty - Yeah, she is a bright one.

@Ordinarydad - We might resort to Pablo, or George liking it soon.

@Captain - I am open to any form of trickery.

@Scifi - Mmmmm....sausage.

@Jason - Thankfully, I haven't gotten anything yet....

@Homemakerman - Who wouldn't? It's comfort food.

@Didactic - She probably pulls stuff on me all the time that goes over my head. I am blissfully ignorant.

@Chris - File it away. It will come in handy.

@Writtendad - Yeah, very open to trying new sweets. Next time I am just going to tell him veggies are candy.

@Kimber - You just need to learn to lie better. Thanks for stopping by.