Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Be Free Again

Happy Saturday readers!  It was nearly a year ago that I posted about the new balance bike that Mrs. LIAYF and I bought Lukas.  It was his first two wheeled bicycle, and at 2 1/2 years old it wasn't long before he was off and running on it.

Our intent at the time was for him to have a way to scoot around while we were walking around our neighborhood, or on longer flatter surfaces while Mrs. LIAYF and I were also riding our bikes.  As a bonus, this mini bicycle would also teach him how to balance a two wheeler - without the need for training wheels.

We certainly recouped our investment in the Rocket emblazoned two wheeler as hardly a weekend day went by all spring and summer long that we weren't out walking, with Lukas riding alongside.

And, when another spring finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, Mrs. LIAYF and I decided to begin the search for a pedal bike for Lukas.  Our challenge was finding one with a low enough profile for Lukas' small stature.  After looking at many different options, we eventually found a Specialized Hotrock 12'' late last week at a local bicycle shop, but the price tag on it gave us a double take.

Fortuitously though, the very next day while driving past a kids resale shop 2 blocks from home Mrs. LIAYF spied a mint condition 12'' Hotrock for a fraction of the price of the new one.  We bought it without hesitation, promptly removed the training wheels, and let Lukas hop onto it on the sidewalk outside the shop.

In just 10 short minutes he was riding short distances on his own.  The abundant rain which blanketed Seattle all week kept us from taking him out for more practice.  However today, with the weekend, also came some much needed sunshine.  And an opportunity to ride his new big boy bicycle.

I must say that to watch my little guy, still only 3 years old, so effortlessly master this major childhood milestone - is an extremely sublime moment for me.

Way to go Lukas.  Ride like the wind!


Kevin McKeever said...

That's awesome. My kids go thru phases in which they do/don't want bikes. Unless, of course, I get them one with built-in WiFi and a DVD player.

BloggerFather said...

Cool! He's already better than me!

Playstead said...

I love that it's really the first bit of freedom they taste. Few things are cooler than a kid and his bike.

SciFi Dad said...

That's awesome... my daughter has just taken her training wheels off this spring... I can only hope she masters it was well as Lukas.

DGB said...

I would say "awesome" but it aems everyone already has said that so I shall say huzzah!

I bought the Bean a bike and he rode it foe two glorious days before deciding to ignore it forever.

Homemaker Man said...

That is crazy cool. We were just talking today about how/when to make the transition from trike to bike for the peanut. So neat. Congrats Lukas. Now you can make a break for it.

Jack said...

That is very cool. I hope that he takes nothing but great joy in riding.

Diplo_Daddy said...

That’s an amazing video! Seeing him roll along the sidewalk leaves me speechless. He’s a real pro. One of these days I’m going to find the courage to remove Christopher’s training wheels. Thanks for sharing your special moment with all of us.

Barbara L said...

Aw first bike. A defining moment. I remember to this day my first day of riding a real bike. My Dad taught me. And little guy is so cute! Good to see he is wearing a helmet!

Lady Mama said...

Well done Lukas! We actually haven't given our son (who's a similar age to yours) a proper bike at all yet. We're planning on giving him one this year for his fourth birthday. Now we just have to figure out what the best option is for him.

Mrs. M said...

Wow - that is very impressive! Nice job Lukas!!

FilmFather said...

That's amazing how great he's riding at just 3 years old. Congrats!

It's just a shame that he's got such a long way to make to the border of Mexico...

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James (SeattleDad) said...

@Always - He seems like he will be sticking to this for a while

@BloggerFather - Me too!

@Playstead - Yeah, he is utilizing it too. He's already fast.

@Scifi - Good luck to Munchkin! Hope it is a smooth transition.

@Daddy Geek Boy - He'll pick it up again one day. When he thinks you don't care anymore.

@Homemakerman - Go for the balance bike for a while first. Works wonders.

@Jack - Thanks. We are all taking great joy in it. Fun times.

@Dipplo - Thanks for the great comment. I look forward to reading about your experiences soon.

@ Barbara - Oh, most definitely. Always has the helmut on.

@Lady Mama - I would suggest a regular bike, but take off the pedals for a while while he learns balance, only then put them on.

@Mighty M - Thanks.

@Film Father - Haha. I was wondering if anyone would throw that in. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That's how I felt about my own three year old mastering a two wheeler so early. Pride. He's a little guy and he's aware of his small stature. It pains me to hear him lament how small or slow he is compared to his classmates. It's pre school for god's sake! Anyway, this is the one thing he can hold over their heads in his mind. Lol.