Thursday, April 14, 2011

Someday Planner

I'll admit it.  I am not a very good at planning for things to the future. Horrible really. I might even theorize that perhaps during a - since wiped from my memory - alien abduction, that that part of my brain may have been removed for further study.  I might, that is, but I'm pretty sure the region I use for theorizing is gone too.

In fact, it's not out of the question that both pieces are in a dusty old pickle jar somewhere, light years from here.

Now, even though I don't plan very well I do do a pretty decent job of accomplishing task put in front of me.  It's because of that, that I have gotten by for as long as I have.  Well, that and marriage of course. As we all know, a good synergistic union can help a couple accomplish much that they couldn't as individuals.  That is certainly the case with Mrs. LIAYF and I.  Because, even though my planner is MIA, hers works in overdrive.
We have an understanding.  She plans things.  I do them.

Okay, yes she does them too, after she gets done planning.  But I help out.  Like I said, it's an understanding.

As a result, she is constantly mapping things out and posing different scenarios of how we could get from point A, where we are, to point C, D, or E even.  Usually this takes place at night, after Lukas is bed.  It's usually also at this point that I have endured a long work day, am worthless, and most often become a lump who absorbs about every 4th or 5th word that my lovely wife is saying to me.  Thankfully I have developed a knack for identifying key words, so I can comprehend the jist of what is being proposed.  I'm good at nodding.

I'm not complaining.  I consider myself extremely lucky that she puts up with me. Among other things, with help from her planning we have successfully remodeled two houses, find ourselves happy and gainfully employed, and of course have a pretty darn good son too.

Mrs. LIAYF also recently arranged for a summer camping trip with some friends who have kids Lukas' age.  She did this all herself. The trip was for seven families in the Summer of 2012 at a State Beach Park.  This will be a pretty cool trip too.  We'll stay in waterfront cabins, have cookouts, bonfires, hiking, boating, stargazing, and plenty of relaxing and solidifying friendships.

Me? I could never have pulled off such arrangements.  But as I said, I'm not a planner, I'm a doer.

And when the Summer of 2012 finally rolls around and all her planning comes to fruition I will certainly be doing my part.  Even if it's just enjoying the get together, and the company of my son and lovely planner of a wife.


Homemaker Man said...

Can you get her to plan our trip for this summer? Does she work on that kind of notice? Thanks.

Lady Mama said...

I think this is a very common male/female scenario! ;-) I do a lot of planning as well, but I don't mind. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Mrs. LIAYF said...

Homemaker Man - Here's a few family camps in Massachusetts. They might have weekdays in August (weekdays are easier to get than weekends). Good luck!

Nickerson State Park
Has 6 yurts for rent near sand dunes, "kettle ponds", woods, and 8 miles bicycle trails ($30-$40/night) - campsites also available

Otter River State Forest
Has 4 yurts for rent with a swimming beach, ball field and picnic areas ($30-$40/night) - campsites also available

Martha's Vineyard - $130/night for 1-room cabin (campsites also available)

Pine Acres - $349 for 2 night full service cabin rental with breakfast (sale price - campsites also available)

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock (Family Camp) - full week camp with cabin/food/activities for family of 4 around $1000

And, of course, if you are ever in Joshua Tree, CA - Hicksville is the way to go

CreativeWorld said...

Mm. Nice post. You know it's because of spontaneous outcomes like this one you talked of, that God says let man and woman leave their fathers' house and become one. Differences becomes perfection. She is the planner, you are the doer. Beautiful combination. Keeping doing the loving, James.