Monday, May 30, 2011

Dad Bucket List

Like nearly all dads out there, from the day Lukas was born there has been a whole list of things I've wanted to do with him, or see him accomplish. 

Of course, when he was first born he was merely a squishy little blob who would cry and poop, then turn around and cry some more and poop lots more.  Obviously it would be a while before I could take him on our first hike together, or play my first video game with him.

Thankfully, as Lukas has gotten older, I have been able to cross off several experiences from this mental list, including taking him on his first independent hike and playing our first video games, as well as seeing him ride a bike for the first time, and just last week doing our very first ocean boogie boarding together, which was an absolute blast.

But as time has passed and items kept getting crossed off, new one have also been added. Recently, though unofficial, I have taken to calling this list my Dad Bucket List.

Now, I have been contemplating making this an actual working list, rather than just ideas bouncing around in my head.  But what to add?  And just how far into the future should I look?  Obviously this idea is still in it's early stages of development but depending on how much actual thought I put into it, it could serve as a springboard to many wonderful shared experiences between Lukas and myself.

Or, it could just end up being another exercise that gets partially completed.  I would hope not though as I think this idea does have potential.

But now the hard part.  What to actually put on a Dad Bucket List? Perhaps I'll just start with 15 things off the top of my head that I still look forward to experiencing with Lukas for the first time as a dad.  I know that as soon as I hit 'Publish' there will be several more that bounce to the front of my mind, but sure enough, I'll add and refine them.

So, off the top of my head, here are my first 15:

1.  Watching the original Star Wars movie.
2.  Witnessing his first organized sporting competition
3.  Building and launching first model rocket.
4.  Overnight backpacking trip.
5.  Attending a Star Gazing Party.
6.  Having him read me a story.
7.  Coaching one of his teams.
8.  Riding a large wooden roller coaster.
9.  Reading the Harry Potter Books with him (I haven't yet read them).
10. Taking an Ocean Kayaking trip.
11. Trip to the batting cages
12. Watching a Movie at a Theatre
13. Getting a Major League Autograph.
14. Sailing outing together
15. Catching his first Fish

I'll admit I struggled a bit on how to word these, but basically they are just things I want to either experience with Lukas, or be there to witness first hand as a dad.

So tell me readers, so you like the idea of a Dad Bucket List?  And if so what's on your Dad, or Mom, Bucket List?


squirtsdad said...

I also have a Dad Bucket List bouncing around my head and, like you, I have crossed some items off and added new items. Probably my favorite was watching my then 3 year old son ride his bike w/o training wheels (thats like getting your first car at that age). Also helping him do his preschool homework is awesome every week.

Btw, you beat me to taking your son boogie boarding/surfing. One day I will teach him to surf.

Jack said...

I like your list and have done a bunch with my kids. One of the big ones for me is to qualify and complete the big Ironman. Got 8 years to get into shape for it.

That is a good thing because I need the time to train so that I can get into shape for training.

The Star Wars movies have been great, but it has been kind of weird because he doesn't know the order they should be watched in.

He likes to start with The Phantom Menace and then work his way through.

Captain Dumbass said...

Don't have an organized list, but I'm going to start now.

Juli said...

I want to take them for a drive on Route 66. I have it all mapped out, complete with flights (I only want to do 300 miles of it).

Now if I could only come up with the 10K to execute it. :)

ericdbolton said...

Obviously pretty much any of those could be on mine, but the thing is I've never really thought about it. Sure I want to take the kids camping (etc), but because of our situation where we had a home population explosion rather quickly right now it's hard to get the more outdoorsy ones taken care of. The older one have learned the importance of Star Wars. I've coached my oldest son's basketball team. We've been to the movies [and it was a nightmare].

One I know I've done with all of them (whether they understand it or not) was take them to a comic book store to pick out a comic for themselves then show them how to take care of it.

Anonymous said...

Never really thought of it as a bucket list, but if you don't write it down it won't happen.

Cassandra said...

what about a box fort? You can check my blog for ideas on how to make a good one. I nannied for years so I got some good ideas on cool stuff to do.

SciFi Dad said...

Great post.

Like you, I don't have a specific list per se, but I know there are things I want to experience with him. We actually crossed one a few weeks ago by going to a baseball game together.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Numbers 2,6,12 and 15 I can scratch off my list. #9 he’ll have to do with his mother because I’m no Harry Potter fan. The rest of your list all sounds doable—just give it a bit of time. Great idea, though!