Monday, July 25, 2011

Do Astronauts Dream of Floating Sheep?

When Mrs. LIAYF went upstairs to grab something last night she peeked into Lukas' room to see how he was doing.  It hadn't taken too much time, relatively speaking, from the time we finished reading him his stories, got him tucked in and left, before we stopped hearing the pitter patter heavy thumping of little feet running around his room.  -
It was a warm day in Seattle Sunday, so we had set up a floor fan in his room to keep the air circulating and cool things off, so she wanted to check out the temperature in there.

When she returned, she was smiling.  "What?" I asked, knowing something made her happy.

"He's sleeping. But he's in his bed, with his astronaut costume on over the top of his PJ's" She replied.  "And his astronaut helmet is under his arm!"

That made me smile too. 

He hasn't had that costume out in a couple months, but nearly every day he is role playing being an astronaut and going to space.   Now, it seems, he is dreaming about it too.

Wearing the costume at Halloween

Now that the Space Shuttle Program has officially ended, NASA or perhaps private companies working on their own space exploration ventures, will hopefully have a viable new program operational in the near future.

They should be able to do it in 20-25 years, right?


Steve said...

I'm old enough (just!) to remember the first moon landing and it makes me sad that the shuttle is stopping just as my son gets to an age where he could really enjoy it all. As you say, hopefully there'll be rocket ship or two coming along in the not too distant future.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm sure the Chinese will be there by then. Start Lukas on Mandarin lessons now.

Slamdunk said...


I am sure the journey will be old news by the time your son is 30. I won't be signing up unless I can overcome my lousy motion sickness--blah...

Diplo_Daddy said...

That made me laugh, too! And I sure hope you took a couple of pics for later on....

SFD said...

Too cute.

The only surprise we get is finding a pile of the pajamas he was put to bed in outside his room, and him in a completely new pair (or a vest and tie, you know, whatever).

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Steve - I was too young to remember the moon landing, but am bummed that there won't be anything to share with Lukas now as he grows.

@Captain - The elementary he will attend does have mandarin as an option. Not a bad idea.

@Slamdunk - Hopefully he will inherit my lack of motion sickness and not his mothers propensity towards it.

@Dipplo - Nope. He was asleep so we didn't want a flash waking him up. We'll just have to have the memories.

@SFD - Haha. A vest and tie? That's pretty cute itself.

Papa K said...

Brilliant as always. I gotta be honest... I haven't been on your blog (or anyone elses for that matter) in about 4 months and Lukas is lookin' old! Glad to see you've been keepin' it up, you've always been one of my favs.

Portland Dad said...

Gotta be prepared, he already knows that so he will go far.

Mrs. M said...

My nephew is just like that! He has the same suit in orange (as does Eli). And he went through a phase of wearing it EVERYWHERE! Love it!