Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Star Wars Talk - I'm Ill Prepared.

I'm sure many of you have already seen this hilarious talking to your kids about Star Wars PSA.  If not, please take the time to watch it now because it's pretty funny.

Now that you are up to speed, I have a small leeetle confession to make. It's nothing really. Not sure if it is even really worth mentioning, but here goes.  Despite what the title of this here blog might indicate, I would have by no means been qualified to star in this PSA myself. That's because, though I do enjoy the films I am not a - how do you say it - 'dedicated' fan. 

Hey! Alright, who threw that shoe at me?  You, in the back.  Yes, you.  Please put down the pitchfork and consider that I have a young child.

The truth is, even though I have watched all six films, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are the only two I have even watched a second time, and it has been at least 5 years since Empire (see, I don't even call it Episode V) which was the last one I watched.

In fact, it wasn't until after Episode I came out, which was during the lovely Mrs. LIAYF and my honeymoon, that I had actually watched the original Star Wars movie. (Do I earn back a few of my rapidly diminishing geek points by admitting we watched it during the honeymoon? On Maui? No?)  One of my first movies at a theatre was Empire and I, along with everyone else I knew, watched Return of the Jedi when it was released.  But it wasn't until I watched the original that the plot line made real sense to me.

So that leaves me where I am today.  A fan of Science Fiction movies, and a dad with a Star Wars themed blog title.  But a Star Wars Geek? Unfortunately, not. 

I say unfortunately because I wish I had watched the movies several more times each.  They are fun and the cult culture around them is undeniable.  And, of course, this has led to Star Wars having a pretty big presence for our kids as well.  Even though we don't have television, and Lukas gets amazingly little media for a 4 year old kid, he is exposed to Star Wars.  He has Star Wars clothes, Star Wars bobble heads, and a few other Star Wars toys as well.  Plus, the neighbor boy has a set of Lightsabers that he generously shares with Lukas.

He likes these things so much so that last night, Mrs. LIAYF actually ordered him his first Lego Star Wars set, an X-Wing Fighter, that was supposed to arrive with our groceries this morning.  However, what was in there was actually a Lego Star Wars board book that loosely followed the plot of the original film.  Nonetheless, he loved the book, showing off to all his friends at pre-school and pointing out who the 'Bad Guys' were, and saying things like "This is the Deaf Star!"

And, as Lukas implored me to read the book to him in the parking lot of his pre-school, I found myself becoming re-familiarized with the plot, and also some of the trivia surrounding it.  for instance, did you know that the little brown robed rodent like guys that salvage and sell robots (like C3PO and R2-D2) are called Jawas? And the desert planet was Tatooine?

Yeah, I thought you did. Now that he's 4, if I am going to have the talk with Lukas about Star Wars, I had better brush up myself.

And decide whether or not to tell him who Luke's Father really is.


Juli said...

Almost Hubs is the Star Wars fan. DIE HARD fan.

The force is alive and well in our home. I am the strongest Jedi, and I don't always use my powers for good, but I'll never admit it.

But in truth, I never saw the movies until about 9 years ago. I watched them from Episode 1-6. And, right now, I think that guy in the back is removing his other shoe to throw at me.

Slamdunk said...

That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing James.

Homemaker Man said...

There is palpable disillusionment here right now. Palpable.

Gloria R said...
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SFD said...

We have books, toys, and what not... he had a Boba Fett (soft plush like thing) when he was a few months old.

They both know bits and pieces of the mythology, but my daughter is too scared and my son is too young for the films yet.

OneZenMom said...

I ... You ... But ... Guh-wha? Only seen them once?! Dis-a-POINT-ed!

I kind of thought that everyone in my general age-range was *statutorily mandated* to have seen the original trilogy AT LEAST 6 times. AND to have had the underoos! (You only have to have seen the prequels once, but, apparently, you ARE required to sneer snobbishly when someone mentions them and to immediately pronounce your soul-searing hatred for Jar-Jar. Hey - I don't make the laws, man.)

I'll tell you right now, I don't think I could ever entirely trust someone who has NEVER seen them. So, at least you've got that goin' for you.

Posts like this ARE starting to make me wonder about my own kids, though. My boys are 6 and 4 and have seen the original trilogy oh, about a million times. (They've seen the first 2 prequels several times, too. But not the last one. Not ready to go there, yet.) And they've never been even a little bit scared or bothered by them. But it seems like so many of my geek friends' kids of similar ages ARE kinda freaked out by them.

Kinda makes me wonder about my Minions' Dark-Side tendencies. Then again, the youngest's career goal is "super villian", so, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

Mrs. LIAYF said...

@OneZenMom - Ha! Too funny! Your son wants to be a super villain and our son wants to be a super hero. They should get together for a play date! :)

I am the big Star Wars fan in the family - I was the one who wanted see Star Wars on our honeymoon and put the name Lukas on our list because of George Lucas (seriously). And, Legos + Star Wars = GENIUS!

OneZenMom said...

Mrs. LIAYF: *fist bump* :D

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Julliana - I would watch them all several times in a row, if I just had the time. Maybe it's my priorities.

@Slamdunk - Yeah, it really is.

@Homemakerman - I know, I know. See above, I would watch if I had the time...

@SFD - We might wait a few more years to let Lukas watch too.

@ZenMom - Hahaha! Nice. I really did hate Jar Jar. Does that get me some cred back?

Casey said...

Binks killed Grandma, I love it! We are definitely in the mindset that we must not reveal who Luke's father is, ever, until my kids are old enough to see for themselves.

My 3yo dresses up like Padame on a daily basis but they only know the characters from what we've told them. Like you, we're not mega-fans but the kids love everything and anything Star Wars. We went to the SW weekend at Disney and my 4yo fought Darth Vader in the Jedi Training. It was awesome!

Papa K said...

That. Was. Awesome.

I can't say that I'm anywhere close to being a Star Wars fan myself either... but this... this is classic.