Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Think Out Loud Tuesday

Even though there is no longer an official Random Tuesday Thoughts, I have a lot clanging around up in the LIAYF attic, therefore I decided to Think Out Loud today.

I turned on the radio on the car ride home Monday evening to NPR news.  Normally when this happens, within mere seconds the words 'kill' or 'bomb' have caught Lukas' attention, so I turn it right back off.  But not this time.  This time we tuned it on to a story about the last Space Shuttle mission. "The last mission?" my little guy said.  'Ahhh, I wanted to see that..."  So we went right home and did just that. 

Did I mention that I love the Internet?

We were at a local park a couple days ago.  Lukas was playing nicely with another boy when a squirrel ran onto the playground.  The boys mother immediately called out to him "Gaylen, stay away from that squirrel, it has sharp teeth and might bite you!"  An instant later,  I realized that kids don't often forget what you teach them - as Lukas yelled "Squirrel for dinner!" and took off after the furry rodent laughing with the other boy at his heels. "Uh...sorry about that" I smiled at her, as the boys treed the beast.  I'm banking that he will never actually get close.



On the way home from work and preschool we pulled up next to a city bus.  "The people on the bus look really sad, really sad, really sad" I sang.  Lukas thought that was funny, so I followed with "The boy in car likes Daddy best, Daddy best, Daddy best".   "No.  I like Mommy best" he quickly responded. 

You can't blame a dad for trying.


At about the time you start to seriously question if this is all worth it, something like this comes along

and breathes new life into your efforts.  Can't say I am actually deserving with all the great sites I follow, but wow.  For those of you  new to the Internet, this is where you would click on the frog.

"Daddy you need to be quiet and sneak out in the morning so me and Mommy can sleep in" Lukas said to me, matter-of-factly, last night.  "What about me?" I replied "Can't I sleep in too?"  "No, you need to go to work." he admonished me.  "Or you won't get any money."

It seems he has it all figured out.


And finally, now that my blog is in its 4th year, I get a fairly constant stream of pitches to review products or alternatively do PSA's.  Honestly, I am reluctant to post to many of those here at LIAYF so instead I have created my own review and giveaway site. In a stroke of original brilliance I decided to title the site......wait for it......'Luke, I am your Father Reviews'.

 It's up now with my first post, a review and giveaway of the FLYING! by the Seattle kindie pop super group Recess Monkey.  So head on over and leave a comment, subscribe, and/or tweet about the contest and you may score yourself a fairly nice album.  Believe me when I say "Chances are real good".


SFD said...

Congratulations on being listed.

How often does your wife serve squirrel for dinner?

Mrs. M said...

How about "the bloggers on the bus like Luke I am your Father, Luke I am your Father, Luke I am your Father....". :)

Captain Dumbass said...

"Squirrel for dinner!"

Slamdunk said...

Funny I have the same failure rate with my pitches for sleeping longer...

Diplo_Daddy said...

Squirrel for dinner...that made me laugh out loud!

Luca appears to be having a grand ol' time climbing the wall. That's quite amazing for a child his age. But then again, most boys are very adventurous.

Congratulations on being listed....awesome stuff.

And you must be the only other person in the world, besides me who, enjoys a little NPR from time to time. I also listen to BBC World Service, once in a while.

New York Dad said...

'Luke, I am your Father Reviews'... that's just brilliant :) I suppose the first review will be squirrel recipes, right?

PJ Mullen said...

He does have it all figured out, doesn't he :)

triles said...

Way to go James! I think Blue Frog got it exactly right.