Thursday, July 24, 2014

Red Bike Specials

Yowzers readers, it's been a looooong time since I posted here!  Sorry about that.  Life has been......busy.

Yeah, busy. 

A lot has happened since my last entry here too.  It's Summer after all, and we are already thinking about back to school shopping.  But the last time I wrote anything here Lukas was still a first grader.  Not anymore though, as our little guy will be in a 2/3 split class this coming fall.  Hard to believe when I look back through my archives here.

Oh, and he also turned 7 during my absence.   Happy birthday Buddy! (In case you were wondering, Yes I did wish him a happy birthday a few weeks ago when it actually happened.)  I guess I really should have posted about that.   I should have posted about a lot of things, but hey we are moving on here. 

And growing up too.  

Mrs. LIAYF and I got Lukas a new 20" red Specialized Hotrock Bicycle for his birthday. He has been riding this color and brand of bike since he was 3 when he began riding the 12" without training wheels.  Given it's light weight, low stand over height, and quality workmanship it was the perfect bike to transition from his Sun Cycle Lil Rocket balance bike.

Then, when he was 5 we moved him to the 16" Hotrock, and there was no question we would also move to the 20" as well.

Tonight I sold the 12" bike to a dad of a 4 year old, after I listed it on Craigslist as the perfect bike to transition from balance to pedals.  

It was a bit sad to see it go (although Lukas didn't seem to mind that much), so we corralled him and made him pose for the picture above. We're nostalgic like that.

And now that we have it we can also sell the 16" version.  That same dad is interested, I just have to price it, which is difficult because the memories it gave were priceless.

Perhaps, if that dad does purchase the 16" as well  he can make his son pose for a similar picture some day. By that time we will have probably moved on to the 24" Specialized Hotrock.

Maybe I'll be able to photo shop a picture of that bike onto this one.