Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Super Girl

My Kryptonite - My powers weaken in her presence

Annabelle is all about Superman recently.  And it's pretty darn cute.  This love affair with Clark Kent's alter ego started with a Superman stuffy that she 'procured' from Lukas' room a couple of months ago.

Ever since then, she has been carrying him around, making him fly, and pretending to make him jump over tall buildings, or chairs, or counters, or sofas, or....well you get the picture.

That last part is probably due to the original and classic 1940's Superman cartoon episodes that we have let her watch recently, including the pilot.

"This looks like a Job for Superman!"

She couldn't say "Super" when she first caught the bug, so she just called him Haaman which was pretty cute for a while until someone to be left unnamed (sorry Honey) taught her to more closely enunciate "Super" and now she clearly calls him Duperman, which is still pretty cute I have to say.

And since she clearly shows preference for the Man of Steel, which doesn't seem to be fading away, Mrs. LIAYF and I have decided to capitalize on the opportunity.  When she finally mastered the art of potty training we rewarded our sweet little thing with girls Superhero underwear, including a couple of Supergirl pair which, of course, she prefers to the Batgirl and Wonder Woman panties.

We even pulled out a cool Superman emblazoned silver vest that we saved from way back when Lukas was 3 years old.  She rarely wants to take that vest, or another long sleeve super T, off.  Even begging to sleep in the T as a night night shirt.  How could I resist?

I'm not really sure how long the Superman obsession will last with Annabelle, but we will happily ride it out as long as she shows continued interest.  And, we really did need some additional Christmas gift ideas for her anyway.  What to get?

Mrs. LIAYF found a pretty cool print, with the Super logo, that said 'Superman was Adopted Too'.  How cool is that?  Obviously, that resonates with us.

This looks like a job for Superman, indeed!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fashionably Late Halloween Post

Okay, I know it's probably lame to finally post Halloween pictures on Thanksgiving week, but I'm sure that once you actually see the kids in costume all will be forgiven.

First, there's the siting version....

Then, there's the standing version.....

There.  I knew all would be forgiven.  Who can stay mad after seeing cute kids? Not me, and not you either.

By the way, that's a Super Spy (ala Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in MI) and, of course, Atom Girl (Lukas' superhero name for Annabelle).

Aren't they awesome?

Oh yeah, lots of candy was gathered....and consumed.  Although, it's almost Thanksgiving and we do still have most of it in our cupboard and not in Dad's waistline, which is a win.