Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Meet SeattleDog!

Its happened readers.  The end is nigh.  The last line of defense (yours truly himself) hath fallen, the invaders are running amuck within our walls - and the LIAYF family can now officially be labeled  a 'dog' family. 

Given that, I would like to introduce you to SeattleDog

Yes, I agree that a SeattleDog sounds like a cylindrical roll of baked salmon on a brioche bun with lemon squeezed on top that you might get, say, at a #Mariners or #Sounders game. But I digress.  Yes,  this dog does have a real name -  not to be revealed here at this time.   I'll just say, it's NOT the name you are looking for (waves hand slowly in front of you all).

SeattleDog is a Bernese Mountain dog who is 5 1/2 months old now.  And, I gotta say, he is pretty darn cute.  And sweet.  And friendly.  And smart too.  Did I mention friendly?  Yeah, that one gets a double mention.

And smart too.  

Oh, I already mentioned that one?  I should also mention food motivated.  Very food motivated.  So much so, that SeattleDog has learned many tricks already.

Sit?  Of course.  Easy one.

Lie down?  Ha! Piece of cake!

Shake?  How about with both hands.  Bwhahahaha.

Stay still with a kernel of kibble on my nose?  Pffft.  No problemo most gracious humans.

Roll over?  Uh, how about both directions IF you double to treat reward master!

Stay? Grrrrrrr, okay.  Okay, just make it quick, I'm hungry.

Look cute?  Seriously....have you seen my mug?

Okay, suffice it to say, SeattleDog is a goooood boooooy!

So, why was I, Seattledad, so resistant to getting a dog you may ask.  Well, it mainly involved the usual suspects.  Nope, not Kaiser Soze, but the pooping and chewing and biting, and fur everywhere.  I didn't think it would be worth the trouble.

Turns out I wasn't entirely wrong on all those things.  They aren't our favorite parts of being dog owners for sure.  Especially the pooping.

But hey, I'm a dad.  I've been dealing with poop most of my life.  And, of course just look at how happy those kids are above.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweet new member of our family.  And when they are happy, there are more moments of peace in the home. We all need that, as parents.

Mrs. LIAYF too!  She was the impetus for getting SeattleDog, after all. (She literally has ALL the good ideas around here - at least from the adults).

To sum it all up.  SeattleDog is here to stay!  He's a hit! Poop, Fur, and spiraling financial outlay be dammed  darned.