Saturday, January 1, 2022

Resolution 2022

Hey there readers.

Any guesses on the meaning of the title of this post?

Might it be related to a craft beer named Resolution 2022 that I am currently enjoying?  Yeah, that's not the correct answer.

Might it be the title of a sci fi novel I am writing?  Where the star ship 'Resolution' must save humanity from certain doom? Um, are you kidding? I couldn't even write here for long gaps in time, much less write a novel.  

Yes, you guessed correctly right away.  This IS a post about my 2022 blog resolution.  

I guess I should start by addressing that whole gap in time in the history of this blog - you might have noticed a few teensy years had gone by with nary a sentence scribed here at LIFAY.  I'll take to calling those the empty years.  Any guesses about why the gaps exist?

Yep, you're right on track.  I've been incarcerated.  Locked away.  In the big house. The hoosegow.  On the chain gang. Watchin those trains keep a rolling by. You get the idea.

What, you didn't guess that?  

You didn't even notice I was gone?  

Ah, no worries.  Truth is, I WAS a prisoner....just a prisoner of my own apathy toward writing. You know, the kids got older, and more demanding.  Work got busier.  The internet got more interesting.  I couldn't stay awake late into the evening anymore. The Usssssh.  (That is supposed to sound like 'You-shh').

But, every time I reflect back (often with the whole family) on old posts I've written, we all really enjoy reading them.  I mean REALLY enjoy them.  It's such a great feeling to watch the kids laugh and smile at stories I have written about them.  That's parenting gold right there.

Given that,  I am intending to write more here again, so there's that. You can even call it a resolution if you like.

Okay, for my 2022 New Year's Resolution, I resolve to write here at LIAYF more often.  What's that?  You say that is too wishy washy?  Okay, I resolve to write here at lest once a month.  How's that?

Happy New Year Readers!!  January is in the books!