Sunday, February 10, 2008

Got the Blues Before Sunrise!

My whole family has been feeling quite Blue lately. Please do not worry or feel the need to call us up to send us cheer, although we certainly love to hear from you all when you keep in touch. We are blessed with wonderful family and friends who fill our life with good cheer. No, do not despair over these Blues. They are certainly the good kind.

Washington State had its Democratic Party Presidential Caucus yesterday and the whole state seemed to be feeling much of those same Blues that we were feeling right here in West Seattle.

No, these Blues do not depress but instead give hope. Caucuses are a wonderful showcase of the Democratic process. And though our household of two registered voters, like many of our friends and neighbors households, was a split household, we both agreed that 'Hope' was in the air. The state went heavily yesterday to Barak Obama, favoring my half of our split household, but we both agreed (something we have heard on countless ocasions recently) that either Dem would be a good choice to represent us in November. We are definitely Blue Staters here.

We agree on that, and also on the fact that although Lukas is too young to understand what happened yesterday, it was a great thing to have neighbors debating with neighbors over the merits of one candiate or view, after listening thoughtfully to the opposing opinion. It was healthy debate, the kind that will hopefully lead our country back to the proud place of real values and real focus that we held in the last millinium. It was also the kind of debate that all families should engage in, without judgment. If we all do this at home, around the dinner table when possible, just think how open minded and non-judgmental a society we can eventually become.

It is a wonderful thing to have that kind of hope again. So, here's to the Blues!


Resim said...


Great post! Glad to hear that the primaries got people talking and debating the issues! I'm also glad to hear that you have the Blues - me too, although I have to say that, as a whole, I have yet to be truly inspired by Obama or Clinton. I hope that they are not opening the door for a Republican "surge" come fall.

I love Seattle! I used to go there a couple times a year, when I was a District Manager for Starbucks. It's a great city, and one of the cleanest cities that I've ever seen. Everyone I know there says it's a great place to raise a family too.

Talk to you soon, and again, glad to hear that people are taking this presidential race seriously!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks Jeremy. Seattle definitely is a great city to live and raise a family in. I am originally from a small town, and it is great to move to a large city where you can get to know and become friends with your neighbors who, in general, are not judgmental and will accept people at face value.

I am looking forward to a good day in November, and although every candidate has shortcomings, in my view we can only go one way from where we are and that is a positive thing. Take care and thanks for visting.