Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey, it could happen...

(Shameless attempt to influence author, showing cute kid in author's local Red Sox Beannie)

I was inspired last week. More specifically I was inspired by William over at Poop and Boogies. After reading the story of how he received an advance copy of The Book of Lies from his favorite author Brad Meltzer, then did a review on his blog , I was inspired to send an email to my own favorite Best-Selling author Bernard Cornwell, asking for an advanced copy of his upcoming novel Azincourt so I could review it on 'Luke, I am your Father'.

I am not holding out much hope that this will happen, since Cornwell is adored worldwide. But it would be a historic event for me to have this happen. This is the only author for whom I eagerly await a new release and would pay full price for a new hardcover.

If you have never read a Bernard Cornwell novel before, I suggest you do so. Now! If you don't think you have time for a good read, it would be worth it to give one of his novels 25 pages. I guarantee you will be hooked! I started a couple of year ago with The Archer's Tale, and have since read nearly 20 of his books. I'll leave more details of his stories to a future post (hopefully the one where I review Azincourt), but will say that Cornwell's books are filled with history, rich period detail, adventure, courage, battles, complex characters, and fast-paced action. In short, even though they can be enjoyed by members of the female persuasion, these are books for GUYS.

(Luke likes a good Cornwell novel)

If you can't stand, ready to face certain death, in a Shield Wall of your own (and frankly, who would really want to?), these novels are the next best thing. Period.

Best of all though, Cornwell's novels are all based on actual historical events. For me, that is what makes the reads that much more engrossing. They transport me to an exciting time in history, one in which I couldn't have come close to imagining as fully and completely as the author's depictions.

How about you? Have you read any Bernard Cornwell novels? If not, who is your favorite author, and why?


Anonymous said...

I've read a few Cornwell novels, I enjoyed them a lot but much prefer George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman novels) which are fantastic and I think you should check them out.

I even wrote a review of Cornwell's book Rebel now I come to think of it:

SciFi Dad said...

Honestly? I have never even heard of Cornwell.

As for my favourite author? I haven't read modern (adult) fiction (in other words, yes, I read the Harry Potter series) in years. I enjoy stuff like Hemmingway and Steinbeck. I think the last author I read and enjoyed was Jostein Gaarder. (Maya was good, but it was nothing compared to Sophie's World.)

Ed (zoesdad) said...

What is the book thing you are speaking of?

WILLIAM said...

I have never heard of Cornwell. What book of his would you recomend to try as a first time reader?

Good luck with the I mean..the advanced copy.

Jason Roth said...

I haven't read Cornwell, but I will certainly check him out.

I think I'll also write my favorite authors so I can get advance copies and write reviews.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Dan - Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check out Fraser. His books sound like ones I would enjoy. Have you read Cornwell's Aurthur series. That is the best I have ever read.

@SciFi - I have also enjoyed my share of Hemmingway and Stienbeck. Seriously, you should give Cornwell a try. Absolutely terrific stuff.

@William - I would start with either 'The Archer's Tale (about the 100 years war with France) or my favorite book of all 'The Winter King' Think the recent movie 'King Authur' but only in print and extremely well done.

@Ed - You know, the rectangle things with all the squiggly lines.

@VegasDad - Cornwell would be worth checking out. I look forward to your own post about your email to your favorite author.

Anonymous said...

I haven't, but it sure sounds like I should. My answer's generic, but I'd have to say Stephen King, simply because he's a workhorse and has entertained me for twenty-five years.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Writerdad - I have read a few King novels and he is a master.

Give Cornwell a try, especially if you enjoy history. You will not be disappointed.