Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Once...Upon a Time!

I must say, Lukas seems to have great musical timing. You may remember that I touched on it briefly here, when describing his vocal enthusiasm for music of the live variety .

And we have observed his pure enjoyment of modern rock, blues and alternative music when he dances around our house with surprisingly spot-on rhythm. He most certainly did not pick this up from his paternal genetic heritage. Those few who have witnessed me dance would attest to that.

As if those things were not enough, he has now demonstrated a brand new skill that while impressive on its own, when coupled with its interesting timing can ONLY (well, at least to me anyway) be attributed to some freakish savant-like talent for all things sonically cool.

Apparently, with a nod to pleasing his dear old man, Lukas has been putting in extra counting practice with his loving mother. However, it may or may not be coincidence that:

1. This past Sunday I stopped by my local independent record store and was mesmerized into deep, joyous, and long forgotten musical memories after happening upon a newly released remastered edition of the album that started it all from my hometown favorite band Pearl Jam.

2. That very same afternoon I arrived home to the truly sweet sounds over our monitor of Mrs. LIAYF and Lukas counting together for the first time, from one to Ten.

What do you think? What should I buy him first, an Electric Guitar or an Abacus?


SciFi Dad said...

Silly James... everyone knows the cool kids play bass now.

raino said...

a guitar of course!

Captain Dumbass said...

Guitar. Then take him to Hendrix grave. Wait, that's a little morbid.

Wait, did you tell me I looked like Marky Mark?

James (SeattleDad) said...

@SciFi - True enough, but that surely will have changed by the time he hits HS.

@raino - way to break it down to the obvious answer. I like that.

@Captain - I could take him to the Hendrix statue which is closer than the grave site is. But not his childhood home which was just torn down a couple days ago.

Hey, take the Marky Mark as a compliment. I was told recently that I look like Sean Hannity.

Walberg doesn't seem so bad now, does he? LOL!

Martin said...

2nd TEN post I've read this week!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Xbox - If you read 8 more then it becomes wierd. Glad you took time to stop by. Thanks.

Jade said...

Hmmm I'd go for the guitar and you can play with it till his old enough;)

Eric said...

I will be the different one... abacus... then he can be smart and get a really good job and support you! :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Jade - I like the way you think! Thanks for stopping by.

@Eric - Hey, I like the way you think too. I think I will need all the help I can get later on.