Sunday, April 26, 2009

Think Out Loud Sunday

We held a garage sale yesterday. We called it a garage sale because "Crap We Accumulated While Childless At Other Yard Sales But Never Used And Now Need To Be Rid of So We Can Have Extra Room" sale just didn't have the same brevity. In the end, it was a hell of a lot of work for a whopping $140. I'm sure we will quickly spend it on other yard sales or on Craigslist buying stuff for Lukas.

(Kids kitchen Mrs. LIAYF bought off Craigslist the day after our Garage Sale)
I love peanut butter. Always have. But the last time Mrs. LIAYF bought peanut butter she bought an organic creamy kind. Seriously, the stuff was like syrup and I have been practically pouring it over my waffles for weeks, secretly cursing it under my breath. Now, I am finally nearing the bottom and miraculously I have discovered where all those solids have been hiding. Doh!

I am currently reading a short little book called The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe. I found the book misfiled in the kids section of a local used bookstore. It's snort-food-through-your-nose -funny. Or maybe it's just my seasoned appreciation for juvenile humor.
And finally. . .

We are vacationing in Mexico in about a month. It will be Lukas' first trip outside the country and his only trip, besides our recent extended weekend to San Francisco. I, being a first time father, have for various reasons been a bit worried about this trip for quite some time.
I eventually did additional research on our destination and subsequently felt much, much better about traveling there. Mere hours later I came home only to have Mrs. LIAYF inform me of the potential global pandemic of swine flu originating from the area.

Well that's just swell! Needless to say, we will be monitoring this development very closely.


SciFi Dad said...

The way I always view garage sales is as a place to sell something for $2 that you bought for $20, and feel like you made money.

Ed said...

The kitchen is sweet!

I need to have a garage sale--I'm just too damn lazy to get it organized.

FilmFather said...

I hear ya -- the wife and I look around our place (and its ever-shrinking storage spaces) and keep saying, "Gotta have a yard sale. Gotta have a yard sale." But you're right -- the monetary return on your physical and logistical investment planning the sale seems less than rewarding.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@SciFi - Sums it up pretty good.

@Ed - Lack of space seems to be a good motivational factor.

@Film Father - Yeah, and now with everything that didn't sell out of boxes and lying around my garage, it's either have a second sale or pack it all back up and haul it to Goodwill. More work lies ahead.

Captain Dumbass said...

Damn. That peanut butter story was nasty. I like the idea of organic and all, but you hear about way more food recalls for organic stuff than non-organic. I'm all for the Earth, just not the botchulism part.

I don't have your email address, but I'll be staying from Friday night until Sunday morning. Can't remember the name of the hotel but it's close to the water near the Space Needle and everything.

Lisa Crovo Dion said...

james- i just inadvertently stumbled upon my blog comments and got yours from february! i'm so sorry i wasn't able to help you with lodging in SF, my forte for uptake. darnit. hope you had a great time. where did you end up staying and where did you take lukas?
lisa dion

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Captain DA - The Peanut butter wasn't bad, just organic and needed a serious stirring. A lot different than the regular stuff I'm used to.

I'll shoot you an email with some suggestions.

@Lisa - No problems. Not the best way to ask a question, leaving a comment on a blogpost. Anyway, here is a link to the uptake post I did after the trip.

Super Mega Dad said...

Well hell, we were thinking of doing a garage sale to get rid of some stuff as well. Maybe I'll just rent a dumpster and save some time. :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Super Mega Dad - Yes, that would do the trick. But so soon after Earth Day? The Indian will have to wipe away a tear.