Friday, June 12, 2009

Gonna Fly Now

Two events in the past 24 hours have me a smidge concerned. Now, viewed individually these two things would not illicit more than passing notice. However, combine them together - essentially on each others heels - and the perceptive among you will, no doubt, understand where my concern is coming from.

First, I received a call from daycare yesterday afternoon indicating that there had been an incident involving Lukas. I should note here that since we returned from our vacation last week our son has been moved from the pre-toddler room up a notch to the toddler room (Otherwise known as The Lair of the Nemesis).

When I arrived at his daycare, I was filled in on the events. Lukas and another boy, not named by the daycare, were both coveting the same toy. A tussle ensued, complete with swings being thrown. Both boys recovered, and I had a conversation with Lukas about being nice and sharing with his friends even though I am not sure exactly what took place. It could have been self defense. All was forgotten.

Until this morning. While driving to work/daycare this morning I was listening to the radio while Lukas was quietly eating his morning snack and taking in the sights around him. Then a song came on the radio which immediately caught his attention. I glanced behind me to see my son bobbing his head from side to side with a huge smile on his face. Why he liked that particular song, I am not sure. But he obviously really connected with it.

What song you ask? None other, than the theme song to 'Rocky'!

I'm hoping this isn't a sign that Luke will be taking up The Sweet Science in the toddler room. He has such an adorable little face, all I can think about is what became of Mickey Rourke. Needless to say, i'll be keeping a close eye on these developments.


Captain Dumbass said...

Ouch. My youngest has developed this issue. Luckily he's only taking it out on his older brother so far.

Being us... said...

Jacob has also taken to hitting, and will even take his anger out on the unsuspecting furniture when told "NO" I guess this sort of thing is just another "milestone" to overcome and learn from.

Lady Mama said...

Sign him up for ballet classes quick! Our son is going through a similar "phase". Apparently it's a normal part of development where they (especially boys) begin asserting their independence.

Surfer Jay said...

Sweet. Your boys got the eye of the tiger going on.

Dan said...

Tell him to keep is left hook up.

Knatolee said...

Nonononono, your adorable son must not be allowed to devolve into Mickey Rourke!! It's time to switch his attention to something less... bruising. Hey, you know, knitting is IN for men these days!

raino said...

you must admit this is too cute! if he starts asking for raw eggs to drink, i think you've got a problem on your hands.

raino said...

as i go back and read some of the other comments, it strikes me that i am the only one amused by this, which maybe is a problem. but you know, kids do hit one another. it's sometimes how kids deal with things at a young age. he knows it wrong now. so good. move on. any eggs in the house?

Martin said...

Just keep him away from money grabbing Swedish models.

SciFi Dad said...

It doesn't matter what method of fighting the other guy knows... ju jitsu, boxing, karate... everyone folds over the same when you hit them in the gut with a tire iron (although it might be hard to sneak one of them into the daycare).

DCUrbanDad said...

Can he catch a chicken?

FilmFather said...

Keep on eye on him to see if he starts eating lightning and crapping thunder.

Side note: Watched Rocky Balboa last night on FX. Surprisingly good, though I coulda used a little more drama during the big fight.

Steve said...

My son never had a great hitting phase, whereas my daughter has the speed of Ali and the hook of Frazier. (Thankfully she's still only 22 months.)

On sharing: I've been told that telling toddlers to take turns is a concept they find a lot easier than "sharing", especially if you are the one to say when time is up, preferably with something entertaining. Sometimes we use a duck sound with the iTouch's countdown timer. More often one of us just says "ding ding". (Hey, it works for us!)

Eric said...

Maybe one day you will come home and he will be running up and down the stairs... if so.. then you may need to do something! LOL!

Super Mega Dad said...

I am signing my older one up in Karate because of his little toddler sister being the bully. My toddler is a fighter, and the older one needs to learn to protect himself from her. She's a big bully!

At least you know Lukas will protect himself from the Nemesis now! :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Captain - Soon enough the older brother will get tired of that.

@Being Us -I guess they wouldn't have such an infamous name for the two's if it didn't ring true.

@Ballet? Ok, Berishnakov was a stud, but beyond that it's not to manly. Lol.

@Surfer Jay - I pitty the foo!

@Dan - He needs a ring man. You in??

@Knatolee - His mother knits on occasion, but we are keeping those needles away from him at this age. Prime 'weapons' they would make. lol.

@Raino - Plenty of eggs. You know, they have been disappearing lately. Hmmm...

@Xbox - I am ok with Swedish Models (He is part Swedish: but the money grabbing will have to be by Lukas.

@Scifi - I will sneak one in in his 2nd birthday cake. LOL.

@DC - No. There were chickens everywhere in Kauai and he had no such luck.

@FilmFather - He's been crapping thunder since the day he was born!

@Eric - He is still a bit tentative on the stairs, so the training must continue.

@Super Mega Dad - The Nemisis bit his serious on the cheek this past week. Probelm is, that kid seems to enjoy it. Time to form the Band of Brothers.