Monday, December 21, 2009

Seeking a Few Laughs

I love the opportunity to come home from a hard day at work and spend some quality time with Lukas before dinner is prepared. It doesn't hurt that I am nearly always greeted by a sprinting 2 year old, arms outstretched, smiling wide, whose only request is: "Play with me daddy!"

Who could resist such a heartfelt request? Not me, that's for sure.

What was on the agenda for tonight? Hide and Seek. One of my favorites.

Now, I wasn't feeling particularly well tonight. I had gone to work despite having developed what I believe was a Strep-related infection in my nasal passages and I am now on some serious antibiotics. If you have ever had one of these you will know how painful they can be. (If this post hints of a Vicodin-induced writing style, now you know why).

However, after a few minutes of Hide and Seek with my boy, I was soon forgetting my aches and pains and enjoying a few good laughs. Now, like all parents, I secretly think my son is a very bright boy, but it is pretty obvious that finding something or someone right in front of his face is not exactly his strong suit. The force that is everything male is clearly strong in this one.

For example, as he hurried to the other room to count to 5, I went over to the entryway coat rack and held a duffel bag in front of my face. My whole torso and lower half were showing, but Lukas must have run right past me giggling uncontrollably three times wondering where I was. Another time I hid behind the sofa with the window curtain wrapped around me and only my feet sticking out. He ran by, tripped on my feet, steadied himself, then ran off calling for me. Not even my muffled laughs tipped him off.

Then, when the roles are reversed and it is his turn to hide, after I finish counting to 5 and call out "Where is Lukas?" He jumps out from behind a door or piece of furniture and yells "HERE I AM!"

It's hilarious. And also so much fun that it makes it difficult to dwell on how bad I might have been feeling when stepping through the door.

How about you readers? What sorts fun of activities with your kids are guaranteed to melt away a miserable day at work?


Keith Wilcox said...

That sounds about like my kids. I wonder what it is about kids that makes them love hide and seek and at the same time not even care that they aren't finding anything? Funny.

Dan said...

That appears to be the universal kid method of playing hide and seek.

Even my kids do it that way and they are obviously super geniuses

Not From Lapland said...

Are you sure he's not just humouring you?

'yeah, there's the silly old man, doesn't he realise you can't hide a whole person behind a duffle bag? Oh well, best let him think he's got me beat. running past him a few times giggling might make him think he's really got the hang of this hide and seek thing.'

SciFi Dad said...

My kids call me at work (both of them now). My son just takes the phone, says "Dada" a few times, then scurries off to whatever he was doing before my wife interrupted him.

My daughter, on the other hand, wants to TALK. She wants to know how so-and-so at my office is doing. She wants to know if anyone "bugged me at lunch" or if I "got my peace and quiet" (note to self: talk less about office politics during dinner).

It never fails to make the day better.

Steve said...

Hide and seek is also a fave here. Sometimes they even tell me "we'll hide here under the covers and you come and find us".

Other favourites:
- Being led by the hand by my daughter, before I have even taken my coat off, to go and have a tea party.
- Being a monster who chases my son around and tickles him when I catch him.

Anonymous said...

My kiddo loves toothbrushes. So one of her favorite things to do is put as many of them in my mouth as possible, then pull them all out... then start all over. I don't quite get it but she seems to think it's hilarious.

Also... she loves it when I chase her... I never seen her laugh so hard sometimes.

Mrs. M said...

Hide and seek with kids is pretty darn funny - I am laughing hard over the visual of your games!!

ericdbolton said...

When I just want to hug the crap out of my kids, I hug them tight and say.. "I squeeze you!!" It's a way I tell them I love them..

Random times, they come up to me and do the same thing. It's awesome..

Now my little boy wants to fight. He puts his dukes up and we start going at it like a couple of rock em sock em robots..

He usually wins..

Kori said...

Owen flings himself into my arms as if he hasn't seen me for about 32 years. I LOVE that. Hope you get to feeling better, and happy holidays to you and yours!

DGB said...

I get home and spend a few minutes cuddling with the Bean in his bed and he tells me about pre-school. It's bliss...and hilarious.

A Free Man said...

Lately we've been playing cricket. I can't resist him looking up and saying "Play cri-et, Bubba? Just a few minutes?"

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

hahahaha, I love hide and seek too. My daughter loves to have me hide in the same spot over and over and "find" me and laugh hysterically. I do it just to hear her laugh, because it's the greatest sound in the world!

Lady Mama said...

That sounds like fun. There are so many moments that can ease the pain of a bad day. Tickles, reading a book, hearing my toddler sing, making my baby laugh. It's so good to document these times for later.

Captain Dumbass said...

I've played that hide and seek. It's like they go crazy... er, crazier.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Vicodin and hide and go seek, I think you just created a new college extracurricular activity.

Jamie K said...

My 2 & 3 year old love jumping of the couch onto a bunch of pillows I put on the floor... the wife's not a big fan of that game though...

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Keith - Best game ever invented. Thanks for stopping by.

@Dan - The smarter they are the harder it is to find something right in front of them.

@Heather - I wouldn't put it past him. He is getting sly in his young age.

@Scifi - I love getting the work call from Lukas. Priceless!

@Steve - I have not done the tea party thing, but have been a monster many a time so far.

@Hands - Wow, you could go through a lot of toothbrushes that way. Awesome game.

@Mighty M - It is a blast.

@Eric - Great way to get extra hugs. And sounds like you have a future Sugar Ray on your hands.

@Kori - That is always the best feeling, isn't it?

@Daddy Geek Boy - I can see how that would make the day seem much better.

@A Free Man - Cricket huh? I bet that took a bit to get used to. But any game you can play with your little guys is a great game.

@Petra - The hysterical laughing is the best thing in the world.

@Lady Mama - I will be looking back on these posts for years to come, I am sure.

@Captain - HaHa! Good point.

@PJ - I can always say it was my idea.

@Jamie - We have been doing that recently too. Another solid game.