Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monthly 5: What I'm Enjoying in December

Drinking: New Belgium - 2 Below  This Winter ale is another tasty addition to the impressive New Belgium lineup.  Plus, it was on sale which makes it taste a little like money. Frosty cold money, that is.

Watching: V: Season 1.  The aliens arrive, and thankfully they are friendly.  Or are they? We love a good Sci-Fi series here at LIAYF and this one hasn't disappointed so far.  Also, we just finished up watching the 2nd season of Castle with Nathan Fillian.  Great show, and Fillian sells the character of Castle, a mystery writer helping solve actual homicides.  We don't usually watch crime drama's, but this one is good.

Listening to: The Reverend Horton Heat - We Three Kings (Christmas Album).   There is nothing quite like Rockabilly to get you in the holiday spirit.  By far my favorite Christmas album.

Reading:  Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel.  This retelling of the story of King Henry VIII has been widely acclaimed.  Mantels writing style is a bit offbeat but after 75pg I am getting the hang of it and am enjoying the read.

Visiting:  Pearl Jam Radio.  What could be better to a Gen X Seattle Dad who loves Pearl Jam than to find a site that streams them constantly?  Material is gleaned from the countless live shows that my hometown band has recorded.  Viva la Grunge!

Tell me readers.  What are you enjoying this month?


Otter Thomas said...

Since you tweeted about it I have been listening to PJ Radio too. Good times.

I watched the first season of V and was hot and cold with it. I can't decide if I want to take on the new season in January. I am growing impatient with mediocre TV now that I have Netflix again and can always find something else.

Anonymous said...

David here. My December consists of...

Drinking - run & eggnog lattes
Watching - my 2 mo. old grow up way too fast
Listening to - Friendly Fires
Reading - "Switch" by Dan and Chip Heath
Visiting -


Mrs. M said...

I need to watch more of Castle - I have only seen a few episodes.

Johnny Utah said...

So, music died in 1998, huh? I'm with you!

Lady Mama said...

We're into anything with peppermint, eggnog, early evening gin and tonics, hot apple cider, and I'm about to start reading the Harry Potter books for the first time.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Otter - Loving the PJ radio. Glad someone else is of similar mind.

@David - Rum and Eggnog Latte? Sounds awesome. Thanks for stopping by.

@Mighty M - Great show. Helps to watch in sequence.

@Johnny - It actually never did! Everyone esle just went away. Thanks for stopping by.

@Lady Mama - I would probably understand the movies better if I had read the books first.

Keith Wilcox said...

Okay, let me give this a try.

Watching: Dr. Who on DVD
Listening: The Cranberries: Bury the Hatchet
Drinking: Coffee
Visiting: Trying to get caught up on blogs I've neglected for the last month!
Reading: The Satyricon By Petronius Arbiter

FilmFather said...

I love the Rev, but I had no idea he had a Christmas album! Now I have something to tell people who ask me for any last-minute gift ideas.

Drinking: La Colombe coffee. I was never a coffee snob until I tried this. Love the Corsica blend.

Watching: Hawaii Five-O reboot on CBS. Great writing, great cast, great character development.

Listening to: Jim Croce - 50th Anniversary Collection

Reading: Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square by Peter Marshall

Visiting: -- great FREE Internet radio with genre-specific stations, a la Sirius/XM.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Keith - Cool. We have been meaning to check out Dr. Who. Which version?

@FilmFather - Great answers! esp sounds interesting. Will be checking that out.