Thursday, March 3, 2011

'Cool Toys' Story

Hours of Good Clean Fun

This past weekend, walking into the kitchen I was greeted by the following matter of fact statement:

"Brandon has more toys than I do".

Lukas was about to leave with his mother for a play date at his buddy's house.  He must have spent some time leading up to that contemplating the last time he had visited him, and all the cool things his friend had to play with and share.

"Well, you have quite a few toys too buddy."  I responded.  It's true, he does have a large number of toys to play with, but in reality we have shied away from making those toys with a lot of bells and whistles.  So, in reality Brandon doesn't have a lot more toys.  He just has more cool toys.  At least perhaps in the mind of a 3-year-old boy. You know, ones that make lots of blasting noises and shoot thing across the room.

As it neared time for them to step out the door I reminded him to grab a few toys of his own to fill his backpack and share with Brandon.  At that he went to the other room and returned a few minutes later with a slightly heavier pack.

Then, according to Mrs. LIAYF, later when our little guy and she arrived at thier destination and gathered in his friends living room, Lukas pulled off his backpack and emptied it's contents onto the middle of the floor.

It contained, among a small number of other things:  A few random finger puppets and a rock.

Yes, I said a rock.  And not even a very cool one at that.  Just a small gray round one with an old chunk of cement crusted on it.   And Finger Puppets?!  He almost never plays with those (maybe a couple of times in nearly 4 years). In fact, these are quite possibly the lamest excuse for toys ever. That is if you can even call them toys.  Mrs. LIAYF had told him to pack his red rocket, but apparently he decided against it.

At that point Brandon came over and grabbed Lukas and they both went off to play with his cool toys, leaving Mrs. LIAYF to converse with the other boys parents while the rather sad display sat awkwardly between them the whole time, not to be touched until it was time for them to leave.

Brandon's parents must have secretly thought we were taking minimalism to the extreme.  Good thing he didn't also packed one of his large collection of sticks as well.  It might have been too much.

I'm not sure if Lukas planned it that way or not.  He can't be that ingenious at 3.  Can he? But nonetheless, point taken.

SeattleDad's now on the lookout for some more cool toys for his son.


momnextdoor said...

You are in a no-win situation! That's an eternal search! The reason his friend has "cooler" toys is because they are not Luke's toys! If Brandon had the rock Luke would think it was the coolest toy! (Although major points to Luke for dramatic effect on that one!)

My son once told me that his cousin's Buzz Lightyear was better than his Buzz Lightyear. They are EXACTLY the same. Not a single difference, it's only better because it wasn't his. "The grass is always greener" is never truer than with a child and his toys!

I wish you good luck on your quest!

WILLIAM said...

The boy is genius.

Otter Thomas said...

I think he is absolutely a genius. I love it.

Dale said...

I am still laughing -- absolutely perfect! A rock! Well played, Luke!

Anonymous said...

man that was a good one..really

Homemaker Man said...

As long as he doesn't play with those toys by putting the puppets on his fingers, getting angrym and then hitting them with the rock. I'll never make that mistake again.

Dad on the Run said...

Wow, that one is really worth a laugh. The force is strong with that one. A rock... that is good stuff. "My Dad also let's me play with his old socks when they get holes in them!"

Ed said...

You will see many toys come and go over the next few years. That rock will not be one of them! My kids have a rock that they drew a face with a crayon that has been hanging around the house for 6 years now.

Steve said...

momnextdoor speaks the truth!

Puppets are pretty popular in our house, even if one child insists on dressing them as princesses while the other makes them the enemies of Ben 10.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure your 3 year old is a genius. My 9 and 10 year old could take some lessons!

Creative-Type Dad said...

A rock and some sticks is all you really need.
And maybe some Lego's too...

Ordinary Dad said...

ha ha! such a subtle hint!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@momnextdoor - Thanks. I think we actually need to get him a Buzz Lightyear since that seems to be all he wants.

@William - He knows how to play us at least. :)

@Otter - It was a solid move.

@Daddy's Tiny Cars - Yes, I laughed quite a bit at it when Mrs. LIAYF told me too.

@Homemaker Man - Yeah, that sounds painful. lol.

@Dad on the Run - You will play with this sock and like it by god. :)

@Ed - Yeah the rock is actually a pretty decent toy. It has been around for ages.

@Steve - I think we need another kid before the puppets become popular.

@ktdeeds - I wonder what he will pull when he is 9 or 10/ Thanks for stopping by.

@Creative Type Dad - Got the Duplo's, legos will be integrated in the next couple of years.

@Ordianary Dad - Yes, very subtle.

Anonymous said...

My son and I have widely differing views of "cool" toys. I think his growing Matchbox collection is cool. His Buzz Lightyear that says 60 different things is somewhat cool, but often annoying. To him, however, an empty easter M&M tin is the best thing ever. But I'm pretty sure that Lukas is totally baiting you two with the contents of that backpack.