Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yes I Swear, It's the Truth.

I mentioned in a earlier post that we had signed Lukas up for swimming lessons at our local community center.  We had actually only participated in about 5 lessons before our much needed vacation to Hawaii last month but he was doing well, swimmingly, in those classes - picking things up a amazingly well.

However, while we were gone on vacation the class ended.  And then there was the actual vacation, the getting home and settled back in, and back into a frame of mind to once again leave early from work a couple of nights a week to get him to the class.

The culmination of all those factors led to a month long hiatus from swimming lessons for Lukas which ended last night when he and I once again attended a class together.  I say together because for these lessons I am in the pool with him.  It's actually called a 'Tot' class, but the kids can actually be up to 4 years old. Since we had never enrolled him in lessons before we decided to for this option rather than a 3 year old class where he would hang by himself on the edge of the pool while he waited for an instructor to filter through other kids for his turn.

For the next session after this one though, I will unfortunately have to sit it out as he will be 4 and participating with him won't be an option.  I have to say I will really miss being in the class with him as it has been quite a bit of fun.

You may also recall from that earlier post that our son had a bit of an issue with his locker room talk.  I am happy to report that this has not been an issue since *Cough* family changing room *Cough*, and that Lukas picked up where he left off during his hiatus like a champ.  Better than could be expected really.

It was pretty amazing to be there participating with him actually, as in the short half hour he was floating on his back and kicking his legs almost clear across the width of the pool while I had barely a few fingers supporting his back.  This in only his 6 lesson, and first after a month delay.  This just reinforces what we have seen in the other games and activities he has participated in.  Lukas has some real natural athletic ability. 

We will certainly be fostering those abilities as he gets older as it will be a great way to keep him active and healthy.

That half hour also provided the two of us plenty of opportunities to work on his jumping into the water as I must have lifted him up out of the pool nearly 20 times, only to have him jump right back into my waiting arms. 

In fact, he was getting so good at this by the time the class ended that on what was nearly the last jump, while I was in water up to my shoulders, he spread his arms out to his sides and jumped straight out and nearly over my head.   But at the last minute I reached back over my head and caught his torso with my arms stretched high overhead. 

What resulted was nothing short of the classic Swayze catch of Baby in that icon Dirty Dancing scene.

Mrs. LIAYF, along with a whole family who were sitting next to her in the stands witnessed this with what I am suspecting was utter amazement.  Me? I simply closed my eyes while holding him there above me and tilted my head back with with my mouth open just so.

Yeah, I was having the time of my life.


Juli said...


I guess nobody puts your baby in a corner. :)

Didactic Pirate said...

He's Super Lukas!

Homemaker Man said...

Nobody puts Lukas in a corner!

There, that's done now.

Mrs. M said...

I can totally visualize that moment. Awesome. My kids start swimming next week. :)

Jack said...

That sounds like a hell of a good time, wonder who had more fun. ;)

Unknown said...

Great post! Swim on, Little Dood!