Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like Highlander, only Better

Happy Father's Day other Dads.

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday filled with the kinds of fun activities (or not) that you enjoy most.  That IS what this day is meant to be about.

Now I'm sure you are all really great fathers and role models for your children.  If you are a fellow Dad Blogger, know that I read a lot of your posts and I have to tell you, am duly impressed.  This New Face of Dads generation is great to see, watch, and read about.  Any kid would be lucky to have any of you readers for a their dear old dad. But I have to say,  in the realm of great dads there can be only one.

Yes, like Highlander.

If you haven't seen Highlander, you can just stop reading now.  This is not your type of Dad Blog. As I said:


So, sorry other dads, but that would be me.  If you happen to receive a mug, or a drawing with a certain inscription on it for Father's Day, that's nice but you should know that history is littered with examples of frisbees, yes frisbees, symbolizing excellence in fatherhood.

It's true. Ancient Greek children were actually known to go out on their own on years long pilgrimages to search for rare "Throwable Disks" to be presented to their fathers.  But only when the father was held in the highest regard.*

And, If that isn't proof enough, consider that recent cave paintings dating back some 80,000 odd years have been found in Central Europe depicting what can only be described as a child and his father tossing a circular slab of rock back and forth in apparent play.** Amazing! 

So, apologies to all others, but  I am now World's Best Dad.

I have the Frisbee to prove it:

Now my most prized possession.
I was presented this 'throwable disk' at a special BBQ Friday at Lukas' Pre-K.  I could tell he put an amazing amount of love into making it for me.  We then played with it joyfully for nearly 45 minutes before I had to return to work.  It really was a great afternoon and yet another reminder of how much I love being a dad.

All previous kidding aside fellas, I look to you all for inspiration.  Happy Father's Day!

And Happy Father's Day to my own father too.  Thanks Dad.  To me, YOU are the World's Best Dad.

*   I may have dreamed this
** This may have been a depiction of a hunting scene


neal call said...

Been following your blog, and just thought I'd say that I'd pay to see dad bloggers duke it out with broadswords. Pretty sure I'd be the first to go, since I don't think my 120 pound hulking frame could lift said pokey weapon. But that's okay.

Happy Father's Day!

daniel said...

Now I'm going to have to go listen to some Queen. Happy Father's Day!

Clint said...

By the looks of it it looks like you had a great Fathers Day. Mine was great as well:))

BloggerFather said...

A few days ago I saw a bunch of large cookies on display in the supermarket, and each had "#1 Dad" written on them. Which was cool, until I realized it didn't make any sense (unless someone gets a cookie, and then is forced to break into the other guy's house and steal his cookie).

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Very cool! Happy (late) Dad's Day to you. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Diplo_Daddy said...

I'd frame that!