Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marshall, Luke and Me - On a Lego Expedition

A couple of days ago, I tweeted the following, about a Lego building challenge I received from Lukas.

Did he really say that!?  To a valley DEEP BELOW?  As in one of the all time best kids television shows The Land of the Lost Deep Below? 

You bet he did.  You know, I really have no idea where he picked up that phrase either. (wink, wink).

To The Land of the Lo-ahah-st!  Ahhhhh! Splash!!

Anyway, the point is that at this moment this challenge came completely out of the blue.  And I couldn't sit by and let it go unanswered. I had to do it...for all the Dads out there.  So yes, it was most definitely ON!

The only problem was that Lukas had been building his ship for some time.  And it was looking pretty cool.  He had at least a 15 minute head start on me. So I grabbed an open bin of spare parts close by and started to build.  Unfortunately, I went in cold. No plans, no sketching, no nothing.  You can see where I am going with this.

The plan was to have Mrs. LIAYF be the Judge.  She would tell us whose ship was cooler and thus declared the winner.  She was a natural at this, for obvious reasons to us - and since she has filled this role before.

After finishing my ship, I was first up.  I set my ship down in front of her and explained all the cool features.  I called it The Golden Grill of Doom!  I realize now this sounded like the Golden Girls of Doom.  As in Betty White. Doesn't exactly strike fear, does it?

But...the ship came complete with Mounted Egyptian Mummy, and Laser Blaster - which turned things into Cotton Candy.  How cool is that? Huh?

Next, it was Lukas' turn to present his ship The Nobody Gets Away to our judge.

Impressively, It came complete with a swivel cannon in back, another side mounted cannon, a motorcycle in rack for ground chases, and not one - but count em..two - detachable flyers to chase down any bad guys (like Mummys) who have the nerve to think they can escape.  It was formidable.

Before the verdict was even rendered I knew I'd been bested.  Especially since  The Golden Grill of Doom kinda broke into pieces on its inaugural mission of Eeeevil. YupI was indeed going down.  Down To a valley deep below.  Very deep.  I tried to concede, but alas it was too late.   Lukas and his ship were declared the winners of this round.  He raised his arms in triumph.

I congratulated him on a great ship,but vowed that I would be back, with a more amazing ship next time!

And I will too.


Just as soon as I figure out the right combination of crystals to get back home.


Slamdunk said...

Sounds like that might be a regular competitive event there; maybe you can even through in some trash-talking like in professional wrestling.

Well, nicely done with the creations and that show Land of the Lost you to scare the pee out of me when I was a little one.

daniel said...

I can just hear you saying "I'll get you next time, Gadget!"

It's about time I introduce Land Of The Lost to my kids. I don't care if it doesn't hold up to today's standards.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Both are quite unique. But I’d say Lukas beat you. Perhaps our two boys can face off one day? My son comes up with some amazing spaceships, cars and boats.

Like Lukas, Christopher’s imagination is just incredible.

Anonymous said... 8-year old just looked over my shoulder - does that say Legos? Guess how I am now spending my Sunday afternoon?! In a moment of weakness 2 weeks ago, I brought Land of the Lost home from the library thinking I'm such a cool