Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mountain Biking at 5 101

Well, hello there readers.  I know, I's been a while since I posted anything here.  I'll just say in my defense that it's been busy.  Real busy.  Thanks for all the emails though - asking how I was doing, and if everything was okay.  I'm touched that you care.

Alright, scratch that - since no one has actually asked.  But I know you were wondering, somewhere back in the far reaches of your mind, and that is enough for me.

As I mentioned, it has been busy, but thankfully I did have a couple of days off with Lukas this past week for Spring break.  And with Annabelle now in daycare and doing quite well there, and Mrs. LIAYF back at work,  it was a perfect opportunity for Lukas and I to spend some quality time together.

Those few days we spent hanging out were something different for us too, as we have had precious few days previously where it was just he and I doing something alone together. Before Annabelle we always did things as a threesome.

But now things are different, and I have to say that those days this week meant a lot to me. Lukas and I have always been very close, but the time we spent hanging out together this past week allowed us to bond in a seemingly whole new way.  And I loved it.

What did we do?  Lots of different things really, including hiking and beach combing, a trip to the arcade, and zip-lining at a local park.  But I also took him to do something he has been wanting to do for quite some time: Mountain, or off road, biking.  Here is a short clip I took on a mostly flat portion of the trail we rode.  It did get a bit more difficult.

We chose Pioneer Park nearby for our inaugural ride.   He was a real trooper, even though it really wore him out riding over and through non paved surfaces, up and down hills most of which were small.  We did get a chance, however, to go down some long downhill runs which he absolutely loved. And so did I.  

This was a lot of fun.   I can't wait until Lukas is a bit older and we can try some more challenging rides where we wont have to walk our bikes up the steeper hills. Luckily, there are an abundance of great biking trails in the Seattle area for all skill levels.

But for now,  this outing was just perfect.


Steve said...

Looks a great trail and he looks like a natural on the bike. Great to see you guys having a good time.

Diplo_Daddy said...

That sure looks like fun. He handled himself very well for such a young rider. Good luck with the more advanced trails it the coming years.

momnextdoor said...

That is ADORABLE! Bud just learned to ride his bike, but I think we need to wait a while for the off-road experience. :-) Good times!

the other amy m. said...

Glad to see you back on the blog! But as a mom, I'm also fine when life (aka kids) take up your time & it's hard to squeeze in the blogging. Don't worry, we'll be here, ready to read when you return.
This was, as usual, a sweet post; your family is wonderful and you're a great dad, enjoying and appreciating the everyday things.