Thursday, June 20, 2013

Label Me 'Dad Blogger'

There was a minor stir on Wednesday in the Dad Blogging community.  Yes, there is a community - which is very active and usually very tight knit.

But yesterday a blogger previously anointed in some circles as the internet's top Dad Blogger publicly renounced the label and, with a rather peculiarly broad brush, effectively dumped on the whole genre, calling the whole of the rest of us "a horrible collection of delusional men with questionable writing skills".   He goes on to take umbrage with Dad Bloggers for championing the image of dads in the media.  Shame on them.  

Personally, I don't read his blog and neither do many of the other Dad Bloggers in the group who have weighed in on the article, though I am told he is a talented writer.  That fact doesn't mean I have to agree with his opinions though.

I'm not going to get into a debate here on whether this guy should, or should not have publicly lumped such a large group dedicated dads into the same negative stereotype.  It's his blog and he can write whatever he wants.

But, what I will say is that I am proud to be called a Dad Blogger.  You can label me that any day.  Every day for that matter.

I have been called a writer by some, but I don't really consider myself one.  Perhaps my writing skills are questionable, but I'm okay with that.  I write anecdotes about my experiences as a dad.  I do it because I love to share my joy of being a father with whom ever happens upon my little corner of the world wide web.  I don't typically champion dad causes, not because I don't believe in them, but because that's not the theme of my blog.  

But again, I am a Dad.  I write blog posts about my experiences as a dad.  I am a Dad Blogger and I welcome that distinction.  I also read a lot of the articles and posts written by many of the other talented writers who also call themselves Dad Bloggers.  And there are an amazing number of articles about a broad range of subjects being published on a daily basis by these gentlemen which have real value to the readers.

Dad blogging is far from  just a bunch of whiny guys looking to change the image of dads in the media.  Of course, those who take the time to read their work already know this.

So, while some may want to ditch the label of Dad Blogger, don't count me as one of them.  In fact, I'd be thrilled if you call me just that.

Like I mentioned, I am a 'Dad Blogger', and proud of it.


CJ Cat said...

I just whine about my kids behavior not the perception of dads in the public eye. Like you, I am a dad and a blogger too. Good post.

daniel said...

I know of this kerfluffle of which you allude to, and have in the past when I started out, read some of the person in question's material. I found it... lacking. A lot of posturing and self-grandizing or something. ANYWAY. Maybe he's taking a satirical look at dad bloggers. I doubt it. My point is he is missing out on what is a great community of dad bloggers. We're dads, we have blogs, so we're dad bloggers. Most likely none of us will win Pulitzer or Booker awards, but that's not why we do this.

Moving on.

Didactic Pirate said...


#1: The dad blogging community is a noble family of talented, good-hearted roughnecks, in my view. And you are among the best writers in the family.

#2: You're my hero for using the word "umbrage" in today's post.

So there you go.

Homemaker Man said...

Good post, Dad Blogger.

Whit said...

Dad blogger? I've been called worse. Often.

J-Tony said...

I agree, there are worse things you could be called. Keep doing what you do.

Dad On The Run said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, though it is true you should seek out counseling and writing lessons.

A proud Dad Blogger.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@CJ Cat - Thanks. Makes no difference apparently what we whine about.

@daniel - Absolutely. The community is terrific and anyone who chooses to dis it and walk away is missing out in my opinion.

@Didactic Pirate - #1 Appreciate that, the sentiment is mutual. #2 Any time I can slip in Umbrage, I will gladly do so.

@Homemaker Man - Thanks, fellow Dad Blogger. That is, if you are okay being called that.

@Whit - "Talented" is not worse, fyi.

@J-Tony - Will do. BTW, are you a member of the FB community?

@Dad on the Run - I'm happy being delusional, and poking randomly at my keyboard until something questionable appears.

Beta Dad said...

You say you're a dad blogger, but you were neither shilling for some brand or complaining about a TV commercial in this post. I'm skeptical.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Beta Dad - I think you are just delusional. Like the rest of us. :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Midlife crisis, perhaps. All you can do is pity the poor chap.

Alan said...

If I have to be called something, 'Dad blogger' is a slight better than many of the other things I've been called in life.

Nice post.

FilmFather said...

You were told that guy's a talented writer, but from my first and only read of his material (the post in question), I don't see it. Rambling, self-righteous, self-indulgent, delusional, and a tad paranoid. Frankly, if he's through with the Dad Blogger moniker, fine...good riddance.

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John said...

Good post. Anyone that takes the time to write an article demeaning a genre of positive, helpful, well-intentioned people is a pea wit.