Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Annabelle Stands and Other Amazing Feets

Stand by me, Brutha

Happy Tuesday readers. Today started out as just another day.  But, like almost any day as a parent, no day is just another day.  And if you think closer about it, something significant will have happened during the time it takes the Earth to come full circle.

For us, today was about kicking, and also standing.

Standing.  Everyone had to start somewhere, right?  Even Custer had to have a first stand before he could have his famous last one.  Lukas made a famous one himself,  which was caught on tape by Mrs. LIAYF and documented right here several years back.

And now, after a few weeks of intense and focused determination, our sweet Annabelle stood herself up for the first time tonight!  Let it be noted!

Unfortunately, unlike with Lukas, Mrs. LIAYF was no where around with a camera to catch the monumental moment on tape.  It was only me there with her, and I actually missed seeing her do it the first time. Sad face.

That's right, I helped her stand up and grab the front bed rails in Mrs. LIAYF and my bedroom so she could see Lukas and her mother out the window coming into the house from the car. She stood there for a few moments babbling out loudly as Lukas passed below, to which he replied "You can see me Annabelle?!"  She then plopped her behind down on the bed, which is when I turned to grab a T-Shirt.

When I turned back around she was standing there once again, looking out the window!  I had to do a double take.  Then, as if to prove that I wasn't seeing things she plopped back down and pulled herself up to a full stand once again.  I was duly impressed.

Then later, when I put her down for the night, she was pulling herself up in her crib once again, rather than laying down and going to sleep.  Hmmm, I might want to retract my enthusiasm.

As for the kicking I mentioned earlier, that has to do with Lukas and his first Soccer practice of the Fall. That also happened tonight.  It has been a few months since he last played, and at that point he still had some learning to do.  But tonight I was pretty impressed with his skill level compared to the other dozen kids on the team.  His coordination seemed to be a notch or two higher than it had been last Spring.

Being the first practice, the team also had to choose a team name, as voted on by all the kids.  The winning name? It was 'The Peregrine Falcons', because they are such fast birds of prey.  Nice.

Lukas did inform us of the other two names up for consideration, which were rejected.  There was 'The Red Foxes', which when I asked him if they rejected it because Sanford was a junk man, he just stared at me blankly. Sigh.  So many of my 70's television humor references are lost on him.

And there was also the name submitted by the coaches daughter and one of the only two girls on the team 'The Purple Rainbow Feathers'.   I didn't count the votes, but my guess is that that one came in last.

So no readers, today was not just another day for us here at LIAYF.

Instead, It was full of amazing feets.


Diplo_Daddy said...

I'm a huge fan of Sanford & Son. Red Foxx is hilarious!

I taped the moment our son took his first steps; exactly one year and a day. There will be many more great moments to come.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Diplo_Daddy - Yeah, I laughed at all those Sanford and Son clips as I was looking for the right one to link. I forgot how funny a show it was.

And nice work on getting his 1st step. I didn't pull that off for Lukas, but maybe I'll get lucky on