Thursday, January 2, 2014

Repeat, Repeat, the Sounds of Joy!

As I have mentioned in recent posts, It's been a lot of fun around our house lately.

I distinctly remember when Lukas was a baby/toddler. Partly because I can read about it in my archives, but also because it sticks out in my mind as period that was filled with so much laughter and joy.  It is true that small children are bundles of joy.  And he certainly was.

He still is, but it's different seeing a tiny soul learn to laugh, joke, and appreciate humor for the first time.  It certainly serves to help parents forget about all the other unsavory stuff they have to deal with.  I'm referring, of course, to stuff that is usually gooey in one way or another.

I mentioned in a recent post that Annabelle is now now fully mobile, but I don't think I've yet mentioned how much of a little ham she has now become.  Well, she's actually a big ham in a little package, but I think you got my meaning.

She brings that same joy to the household, all over again.

A little Ham?  Or a big one?

She squeals with happiness a lot these days.  This must mean we are doing SOMETHING right.  Often these squeals of happiness take place while we're playing a game.  By the way, she loves Monopoly but has yet to master it enough to beat yours truly.  She usually just throws the pieces on the ground while I am 'Passing Go' and accumulating high priced real estate.  I'm a mogul like that.

Other games she also loves, but is much better at include 'Climbing the Stairs While Laughing at Daddy (Who is Chasing After Me)', Leather Shoe in My Mouth Tug of War',  'Drag Me  Across the Wood Floor While I Pretend to Get Away', and 'All Done! Just Kidding Sucka'.

Of course these games bring about a lot of high pitched squeals of joy.  This is often accompanied by a thumping of her chest with one forearm and a closed fist, which is oddly reminiscent of athletes who have just accomplished something of note, ie: an in your face windmill jam.

Plus, these sounds of joy from our 14 month old little ham are not limited to games alone.  Just the other day for instance I arrived at her day care to pick her up.  There is a hallway leading to an open doorway which opens into her room.

Upon arriving I glanced down the hallway, and saw her wandering by the door.  She paused, looked my way, and upon seeing me let out what can only be described as a shriek of happiness. She then toddled quickly to the gate with an enormous smile and held up her hands.  "Dada!"  She called.

I'll have to admit, her joy at seeing her daddy arrive was pretty cool.   But, of course this is nothing new to me.  Lukas has been doing this for over 6 years.

What a lucky guy I am.  I love ham, and I get to eat it  up every day.


Jack said...

There is nothing better than that look/sound the kids make when they see us come home.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part o the day is when I open the front door and am greeting with a "DADDY!" and a great big hug by my son.

Larry said...

Sweet post. Enjoy that ham! Hearing the kids call out in joy for you never gets old.

Post Post Modern Dad said...

Monopoly? Why haven't you gotten her on Risk? Jeez. Seriously though, those squeals of delight make those sleepless nights worth it.

Slamdunk said...

It is great to be loved! We play the "Climb the Stairs Laughing while Dad is Chasing Me" game here as well.