Thursday, August 7, 2014

Free Hugs

Lukas and I stopped in to pick up Annabelle a yesterday at her day care center.  Once we had punched in the secret code to the front door, signed her out, navigated the hallway, and entered the main room where the toddlers are usually congregating, we didn't immediately see her.

Of course, we wondered where she was.

It was at that time that both he and I heard emphatic crying from another room.  "Is that Annabelle?" Lukas asked.  "Maybe, but there are a lot of babies in here bud, so it could be anyone." I responded.

At that point we opened, door #3 (really, it was the third door we had to open to that point) and there, in front of us, was a small fry crying his eyes out.  Now, that wouldn't have normally been anything to blog home about, but you see that wasn't all that we witnessed upon entering that room readers.  Not at all.

That's because, although that boy was crying, he was getting comforted, and not by the staff member on duty mind you.

No, Lukas and I witnessed our Annabelle, all 21 months of her wrap that slightly taller boy in her arms in a big ol' bear hug and start patting him on the back with one of her hands.  Not at all un-similar to how we comfort the kids when they are in need of some love.

"Ahhhhhh, that is sooooo cute." another Mom nearby let everyone know.  I agreed.

Apparently, the two of them had run smack into each other while playing.  And like a tailback running into a solidly built linebacker, this boy had taken the worst of it.  Annabelle was unfazed.  She has a big brother after all.

But simply the fact that she notices when a friend is hurting, and is there with open arms to offer comfort and support, is just another sign that she's developing a strong sense of empathy.

And that she's tough as nails.

I'm just glad she didn't give him the stiff arm.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

There, there, poor 49ers fan...

Larry said...

Sweet story. Nice.
It's a shame there is no pic of it.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@PPMD Haha, that is awesome.

@Larry - I need to get on her care givers to make sure they capture those special moments!

momnextdoor said...

It's been so long since I've caught up on any of the blogs I follow! I can't believe how big Annabelle has gotten! And how adorable is she? And knowing that she's so caring makes her even more beautiful!

kellyr78 said...

That is cute, she is a good friend!

Anonymous said...

So adorable. What a sweetheart!

LAMusing said...

Really sweet :)

Susan Christy said...

She's so cute! And what a big heart she has!

Anonymous said...

Ms A is awesome!!
From Ms Koh

Christopher Stork said...

Empathy is tough to teach.... We'll done.