Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Amazing Magic Hands

Just because he spent the Summer in a wheelchair, it didn't mean Lukas wasn't having fun and being creative.

One of the cool projects he worked on was making a stop motion short, to enter into a kid film festival.

The festival was the First Film Fest and, even though it hasn't been judged yet, we are not really holding onto any notions that he will win anything with the film.  Rather, it was just a fun project that introduced him to film making, and the real labors that go into even a very short piece. Over 500 frames were shot for this short.

The film tells the story of a robot magician who is pleasing his audience and having fun at the expense of his owner, who was having a nightmarish dream.

Or was he?  Skynet has nothing on these Lego Robots.  Especially the incomparable "Amazing Magic Hands!"

Prepare to be amazed!


Homemaker Man said...

Awesome and fun.

Post Post Modern Dad said...

Cool. My kids love making LEGO animations with their 3DS.

Mila said...

Super creative. Great idea to keep the kids entertained. I will have to do this with my children. thanks