Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pattern Recognition

Can you find the pattern?

"I found the pattern", Lukas told us mere moments into his math homework tonight.  In a blink he had completed this 'work' and was then distracted by another subject.  His bouncy and energetic sister this time.

This boy.  Finding patterns has always come naturally to him.  A small window into just how his mind works.  And a wonderful, loving mind it is too.

He will find them often.  Look for them in numbers, and in nature, these patterns.  Finding them in places, and pictures that are not immediately obvious to his mother and I.  It takes an inherent gift to see these alignments through the fog of noise that permeates our perception.

He has this gift.  We've know his mind gravitated towards certain affinities since he was very young.

It's pretty cool.

I have no doubt that one day patterns, or numbers of some sort will be a part of his trade, perhaps even his source of enjoyment.  Sabremetrics anyone?  Maybe that's just a dream of his father's, mine, a guy who loves the smell, the taste, the feel of baseball despite his team disappointing him without fail seemingly with each cycle of the earth round the sun.

But if they aren't, I'm fairly certain he will find another endeavor which will bring a heartwarming smile, which is another thing that comes natural with this one.  And his little sister as well, come to think of it.

Hmmm, seems like a pattern there.

How lucky Mrs. LIAYF and I are.

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