Monday, May 19, 2008

Amatuer Hour

If early indicators are any sign of future success then Lukas may, in time make a decent golfer. It is true that yours truly never amounted to anything but a terrible hacker on the links. I do know, however, that the among the major keys to success in golf, as in any game requiring mental aptitude and muscle memory skills, is Practice with a capital P.

Practice, practice, practice. No, Luke is not yet swinging a 9-iron around the house, or eyeballing the cut of our lawns grass to size up the roll on a putt. But, he is showing that when there is a task at hand he will go the extra mile, even when his body is spent, to perfect that task. I can only look back, shake my head, and wonder what amazing accomplishments (other than landing my sweet wife and a having a part in creating Luke) I could have accomplished if I had that sort of drive, patience, and determination into adulthood.

Here is a short clip of Lukas practicing his walking. He is doing great and would have most likely kept going if someone (ok, it was me) had not had the power cord in his way. I'm thinking that perhaps I can fix that cord to count the number of times he drives over it with his fire truck. I might have to hurry though, since he may not need it to walk with in the very near future.

Especially with the amount of practice he is putting in.


Whit said...

He'll be off and running before you know it. Watch the cord.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Yeah, I will be nostalgic for the days when he wasn't as mobile. It should be interesting.

KristyCK said...

He is growing fast! Yes, he will be running around in a couple months. :-)