Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best Mom Ever!

Happy Mother's Day Mrs LIAYF!!

Honey, you have been All That and much, much, more to our wonderful son over the past 10 1/2 months. It's difficult to believe that it was a whole year ago that we celebrated your first 'unofficial' Mother's Day. You were a gorgeous, radiant, happy (although very uncomfortable) expectant mother. Neither of us knew quite what to expect back then. We knew we were having a baby boy, but beyond that we had no idea exactly what he would be like.

Would he be healthy? Would he be happy? Would he sleep? Would he look like you, or like me? A little of both? What would we pick for his name? What would his demeanor be like? More like dad (laid back) or like mom (passionate)?

A year later, we have all these answers. Lukas is a healthy, happy, boy who looks a bit like each of us. He is generally an easy going boy who has learned to sleep rather well, but he has moments on both ends of the spectrum where he is extremely passionate and vocal about how he is feeling. Most of all though, he is loads of fun.

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. LIAYF. You have given nothing less than the whole of your soul to our happy son. I can't imagine what kind of boy Luke would have turned out to be if you were not always there for him, in the moment, giving him everything you had to give and then some. I know that other mother's do and give of themselves similarly to their children, but I am not there to watch them in action.

I am here, watching you with our son and thinking to myself how remarkable you really are. I am in awe. You are Mom. You are perfect for Lukas!