Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finding Your Balance

Lukas continues his daily progress toward walking on his own tiny little feet. He has recently been pulling himself up against chairs, shelves, boxes or tables (our coffee table to be precise), and is walking along those with great concentrated energy and a sense of purpose that I only wish I still had in a fraction of the abundance that this boy does.

Now, in the past few days, Luke is pulling himself up against those surfaces, grabbing whatever items are within his reach, letting go of his support structure and banging the items in his hands together with a delightful sense of accomplishment. While performing this banging routine, he has increasingly been standing unsupported on his own two feet. He rocks back and forth but does a great job of catching himself and finding his balancing point. He can now stand unsupported for several seconds at a time, an accomplishment that will, no doubt, lead to his taking his first independent steps soon enough.

I am sure that before I realize it I will have to be chasing after my fleet-footed son. So I better either buy a leash or else start stretching when I get up in the mornings since I am not as fast as I used to be.


Jason Roth said...

This is an exciting time as a parent. One you'll never forget. I remember when our son started pulling himself up and eventually walking at 10 months. He hasn't stopped since. As much as we were in a hurry to see him walk, it's much harder once they do. You quickly become an exhausted parent.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Really? I am exhausted already!! I think the leash thing might be a viable option. Not really. I wouldn't subject Luke to that kind of humiliation. It could have reprocussions for years.

Thanks for stopping by.