Sunday, March 29, 2009

One of These Days . . .

Me: "Lukas, come sit on Daddy's lap. I want to have a talk with you"

Lukas: "Huuuug!"

Me: "You sure are sweet. And since you are begining to talk so much recently, I was thinking maybe you could step it up a bit on feeding me funny material for my blog posts."

Lukas: "No, I do it daddy"

Me: "You see, I read a lot of other daddy blogs where the kids are always saying something hilarious when they don't realize what they are actually saying. It's blog-gold. I need more of that now that your words are flowing."

Lukas: "No poopoo, daddy"

Me: "Good to know son. Now, about the material. It's like hitting the blog lottery, and you are my winning ticket little buddy."

Lukas: "What's DAT?"

Me: "Ok, so maybe that will come later. No problem. Hey, I also read a lot of blogs where the kids draw funny pictures of mommy or daddy. Those can turn out hilarious as well. Why don't you sit at your table and color a picture of daddy? Won't that be fun?"

Lukas: "YEEEAH!!"

(Lukas' rendering of Daddy)

Editors note: Tune in next post, when I will likely once again explore the sleeping habits of an active 21-month-old.


Being us... said...

Sounds like some conversations I have with Jacob, except he isn't speaking nearly that well! However the drawing was great! ((GRIN))

Art Dada said...

I don't know if I'll be writing posts about my son's early attempts at communication. To quote stand-up comic Eugene Mirman - "A lot of people think that kids say the darndest things, but so would you if you had no education."

Eric said...

I can see a slight resemblance!

DC Urban Dad said...

Um, where's your hair?

Martin said...

Have you been working out?

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Being Us - Thanks. Stunning likeness, but you will have to take my word on that.

@Art Dada - Isn't that what makes it funny or cute though? Not nearly as funny when an adult makes verbal gaffs...unless of course they are Leader of the free world or something.

@Eric - He caught me on a bad hair day.

@DC - Urban Dad - Can't you see the brown in there?

@Xbox - No, but thanks for thinking so. Maybe that will be the inspiration I need to get back at it. lol.

SciFi Dad said...

One day, you'll write a post about how your kid never shuts up, and how he includes your ear hair in every portrait he prepares.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@SciFi - I think he included the ear hair in this one.