Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Machine

I am a fairly big fan of Science Fiction. Being so, I have undoubtedly watched or read dozens of accounts of travel through time. Backwards. Forwards. Backwards, then Forward. Forward, then back, then forward again. Yeah, you get the picture. And I'm guessing you have also no doubt enjoyed such stories nearly as much as I have.

But last night I experienced time travel of a sort - first hand. No, I didn't climb into a vintage 1984 Delorean, fire up the flux-capacitor, and punch it to 88 mph while being chased by a Vanagon full of Libyan terrorist shooting AK47's at me.

No, last night it was not the past but the future, and I got there by simply walking across the street. Mrs. LIAYF and I were contacted by our neighbor who was desperate for a babysitter for her two boys ages 8 and 4. Normally, Mrs. LIAYF would be a perfect choice for such matters, however our neighbors needed someone at 6:30, which was before Lukas' bedtime. And, since he is still nursed before bedtime, I tend to have a rather, let's just say. . .difficult, time getting him to sleep myself.

So, I was recruited to babysit (not exactly accurate terminology for boys age 8 and 4) until my sweet wife had put Lukas to sleep and could relieve me. I didn't know quite what to expect having never put a couple of older boys to bed. However, I was given the scoop once I arrived. Let them read, play a board game, have them brush their teeth, make sure the 4 year old goes to the bathroom, read them stories, make sure they are in bed with the door open - and I'm golden.

I have to say, it was actually a lot of fun and I found my mind wandering just a bit, imagining this being Lukas, I, and a younger sibling some seven or so years from now. We laughed, we played make believe with the Viking helmet I brought over, and I was introduced to a game of Sequence for Kids even though I had never heard of Sequence for adults. (what happened to Sorry anyway?)

The only nervous moment that I had was at the point I wasn't sure my goofy antics during the board game were a bit too much. I had them laughing a lot, which resulted in the boys getting fairly animated. At one point they began to call the board characters by names such as "Poopy-Poop-Pants" in progressively louder cackling voices. That was my cue to settle it down a bit.

And you know what? It worked! The boys listened to me . Then it was time for the bedtime routine, which also went off without a hitch. These are a couple of great boys and the whole experience gave me a slight glimpse into a future where I get to act like the big kid I really am while still being a responsible parent. Sign me up, Doc Brown!

Now, I have to go. A slow rolling Vanagon just pulled up outside.


SciFi Dad said...

Dude, I hate to tell you this, but you were duped. Either:

1. The Mrs. wanted some time to herself.


2. The Mrs. arranged the whole thing to get you thinking about baby #2.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@SciFi - Ha Ha. Let me tell you, she is more direct than that when she wants something. lol.

Dan said...

Poopy-poop pants! HA!

Dad Stuff said...

Kids are always better behaved for anyone but their parents.
But you are right to excitedly anticipate bedtime with your young one a little older. Sometimes it's the best part of the day to just lie in bed with them and read. It's relaxing, entertaining and a great bonding memory for us. Just make sure you start early.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Good job, but just keep in mind that your child will NEVER listen to you like other people's children do. Just a heads up.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Dan - Yes, and many wild variations on such. I thought they had lost it.

@DadStuff - Kids are better behaved for strangers?? You can tell we have not left Lukas with strangers much. Thanks for the advice. I already have.

@Petra - Thanks, and you seem to be confirming what DadStuff mentioned. Interesting.

raino said...

hiya. just picked up your place over at mr. lady's place. gotta hear the ed ved story. please !!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@raino - Thanks for stopping by. I may just have to write that post. Come back early and often to find out.

raino said...

plan to! ...squeel..

James (SeattleDad) said...

@raino - Well, all right then.