Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Like Daddy?

Perhaps I am a great role model for my son in more ways than I am aware of. I eat it up like leftover pizza when Lukas flashes a big smile and announces that he wants to do one thing or another "Just like daddy!".

I mean, come on, what is a better elixir for a father after a stressful day on the job than hearing such a phrase?

However, over the past few days that is not the only thing Mrs. LIAYF and I have been hearing coming out of Luke's mouth. No, he's not dropping any F-bombs. After leading an early life with speech littered with profanity, the likes of which might make a truck driver blush, I have cleaned up my act to the point that it is an extremely rare occasion where I let a proper profanity fly.

No, what is coming out is something altogether different. How best to describe it?

Um, I am not sure. It's an annoying little speech placeholder which a verbose 26 month old certainly does not need to use. Let's see, um, it's not really a word but more of a sound. Some adults have been know to slip it into conversation on occasion and actually not even realize it. My wife, um, seems to think that he must have picked it up from me, but I can't really see where she got such a notion.

Although cute, it is a bit annoying to listen to your two year old use this dozens of times over the course of an evening for the pure novelty of it, and perhaps to be 'Just like daddy!' "What are we going to do about this development?" My wife said to me as she gave me one of those 'this is totally your doing' looks.

", I think we should just ignore it. I'm sure he will stop using it soon enough."


Ed said...

Dear Lord, man. I had to read this thing three times to figure out what he was doing! Very clever.

Eric said...

ummmmm.... :) Have a great weekend!

SciFi Dad said...

Today, my daughter visited me at the office, and was having a conversation with a co-worker about how she helps at home when she (my daughter) said, "Yes, but in the years to come I will not be as much help because I will be in school all day every day."

My four year old used "in the years to come" properly. I'd rather she said "uh".

Lady Mama said...

Maybe you could, um, like, find another, um, word that he could copy, like, um, "huh"? Or something?

PJ Mullen said...

I'm trying to reform my potty mouth ways, but, ummm, it's not going so well :) Have a nice holiday weekend.

Ron said...

"Just like daddy!" sweetest words ever uttered and tempered by, "Do you know kind of a stunt YOUR son pulled today?"

Still, I try not to smile too much.

Martin said...

At least it's not 'like'...

Momo Fali said...

Like, Xbox totally, like, took my comment.

A Free Man said...

Um, I can think of far worse verbal tics. Like, you know, such as.

ericdbolton said...

yeah, my daughter is in the habit of saying, "huh" after everything I say.. I don't answer her because I know she hears me.. That's totally from her mother there..

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Ed - You are, um, welcome here anytime.

@Eric - I did. Thanks.

@Scifi - That is scary from a 4 year old.

@Lady Mama - Huh?

@PJ - At least you are trying. Points for that.

@CK - I will be smiling too, when I hear that.

@Xbox - Uh,huh!

@Momo - You need to visit earlier next time!

@A Free Man - With me, he may use them all.

@Eric the Bolton - I'm the guilty party here, for sure.