Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wisdom of Fu!

“Never assume that because a man can see, he is not blind”

Thanks to Chuck over at D is for Dad for pointing out that my Blogger account was set up to only accept comments from people with Google accounts. This was the default when I created this blog, and I in blissful ignorance never checked it to make the change.

Yes, it is all clear now. This must certainly be the reason I have not received even more comments on the stellar material I have been meticulously preparing for all you dedicated readers of LIAYF.

I apologize if you have tried but failed to leave a kind word. You can all rest easy now, knowing that you are free and certainly now able to comment all you like.

Thanks. (Management)


Martin said...

now if you could just get rid of that word verification that takes me 6 attempts to bypass every time I comment all will be well with the world!

James (SeattleDad) said...

I can actually do that I learned. It mentioned spam comments so I left it on, but should probably just turn it off and throw caution to the wind...Live a little!

Jason Roth said...

I find word verification annoying too. Since I have a Google account, I hadn't noticed the restrictions for commenting. Hopefully with the change more people will be inclined to delurk and drop a line.

Martin said...

I was just being flippant really, but the word verification is quite annoying.

Try it and see if you get spammed, you could always switch it back on.

(oh it's gone!)