Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hope for Luke's Future

I don't often get political on this blog. That's good because I should be leaving politics to the politicians and pundits. And, unlike many voices I hear out and about these days, I understand that there are many people out there with different life experiences than mine. Different life experiences, and different life philosophies, necessarily result in different viewpoints.
That's alright with me. Our country needs differences of opinion. Being able to freely voice such a diverse range of opinions is one of the fundamental cornerstones of our great nation. Though sometimes difficult, I try to respect those opposing opinions for what they are. I believe we need to move back in the direction of respecting the opinions of others even if we do not agree with them. That is one of the tenets that I hope to instill in my son as he grows up in this increasingly bitterly divided country.
Most would agree though, that we are faced with a historic choice about the future of our country this November 4th. It seems to be a consensus opinion that we need change. I agree. I have not felt good about what direction our nation has been headed in quite some time and as such feel that we need a dramatic new direction and focus for our country. I won't get into specifics since I don't feel this is the place for it. If you disagree with my opinion, I am sure you do so for your own valid reasons.
Personally, I'm voting for a more hopeful, united future for our nation. For our kids. I believe one ticket clearly provides this kind of hope more so than the other. No matter who you prefer in the election, be sure to do your civic duty and cast your vote. I did, as an absentee.
You may have already guessed but, for the record, here's my vote:


anita doberman said...

Good for you!
I am going to do the same today!

DC Urban Dad said...

Way to throw it out there man. Bring on the Hope.

James Austin said...

Anita - Thanks for the comment, and good for you too!

DC - Yes, time to bring it on and hope that it is all that the build up promises.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about this country are the people in the middle of the road. We are the one's who can make change...

Remember to change these crappy Senators and Reprentatives too...Changing the GM of the Detroit Lions doesn't make them a good team. The rest of the coaches and players are still the smae old cast of characters.

iVegasFamily said...

Well done.

James Austin said...

@MTAE - I am fairly happy with my own representatives right now, but I agree that there seem to be more than a few bad apples out there (Stevens is a great example) that need to be replaced as well. I encourage those unhappy with thiers to vote for an alternative.

@VegasDad - Thanks. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The next week is going to be vey interesting to watch, never before has the US been under the scrutiny from outside like it is this time.


James Austin said...

@xbox - It should be interesting down to the wire. I am so hoping for a better outcome this time around.

Mocha Dad said...

Things are going to get crazy on election day. I anticipate a real nail-biter.

James Austin said...

Thanks Mochadad. It will certainly be interesting. Looking forward to being excited about an election result for a change.