Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guys Night In

In a bold move designed to lift our family out of the running for the title of Most Boring Family Ever, Mrs. LIAYF decided to take some friends up on an offer to do a girls night out Saturday, leaving Lukas and I home alone. While she was out painting the town red, the Rock Star type Par-tay that I was envisioning for Guys Night In ran into some early snags. Not the least of these was Lukas forgetting to stop and pick up the cigars and beer. Doh!
In all seriousness though, things were complicated from the outset by the fact that the girls were meeting at 6:00 PM. This meant that it was up daddy to get Lukas bathed and to bed. I don't imagine this would be too big a deal for most parents of a 17 month old, but since we had been taking the whole boring thing so seriously, this is the first actual night that Mrs. LIAYF has intentionally left it to me to get Lukas to bed on my own. (I wasn't joking about the boring thing)

I had put Lukas to bed on my own once before. This happened when Mrs. LIAYF was held up at work, and that went rather swimmingly as Luke curled right up and went to sleep, no questions asked. In my demented sort of parental calculus, that one instance several months ago added up to "No problemo. Piece of cake. Been there, done that".
I was never strong at math.

This time around was met with a stark and rather immediate realization on Lukas' part that "Things ain't right here! Where's Mama? You have no BOOBIES!"

Still, I have to hand it to the little guy, as he gave it an early college try. After I put him down in the crib, there was about 15 minutes of silence, time where I was wiping my brow and rather pleased with myself for deftly navigating what could have been a very upset, and very unsatisfied little boy.

Then the cries started. Muffled at first, but then much louder. Sticking to our trusted routine, I waited the mandatory 10 minutes, then went to tell Luke it was "night-night time", calming him before leaving the room. I repeated this a couple of times to no avail, before abandoning that and trying to spend some extra time in his room trying to put him to sleep.

That didn't work either. So I returned to the comfort him, leave the room strategy. He would fall asleep intermittently for longer stretches, leaving me thinking he was out for good, but then wake up upset once again. Nerve wracking stuff, which left me with my trigger finger on the Talk button, ready to call home the reinforcements. I held off though, which was for the best.

After a while Lukas tired out and went to sleep, with me still completely on edge-hoping that it would last. In the end I survived, and Lukas is no worse for wear. But without beer, cigars, or television I am only left here to blog about it all while Mrs. LIAYF enjoys a much deserved night out.

Boring is as boring does.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "not having boobies" thing.

I have given up on any normalcy when mom is out. She fully expects to find a pile of kids when she comes home from an event. They sleep where they drop. Clean and fed, but if they are less than two, there will be NO sleep without mom for them.

James (SeattleDad) said...

MTAE - I can do without the boobies, even if I have to endure a bit of crying because of it!

Jason Roth said...

Watching what my wife is going through with her boobies right now, I'm glad I don't have them.

SciFi Dad said...

I think every parent has been through that. My trick has always been a combination of intentional deviation from routine (if normal is bath - teeth - book - bed, we'd do teeth first, for instance, to make it clear it isn't a normal night) and fun stuff you would otherwise deny (an extra book, some extra in-room cuddles, some tv time, whatever).

A lot of times, nights go like yours because we try too hard to pretend it's the same; kids aren't stupid: they know they're not the same, so why fight it?

Anonymous said...

I am glad I don't have them either. But damn do I miss them.

We have just resigned ourselves to having to sleep train our kid. This part has started to suck.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Scifi - In retrospect we should have made more of "Mommy is going bye-bye, but will be back later" I think now that it would have been easier for him to take.

@DC - Been there. It is rough for the first few days, but gets sooo much better after a week or so. You will be amazed and wonder why you waited.

Diane said...

This is sooo funny because the exact opposite can be said at my house. Up until a few months ago, my husband's sole job was to put my daughter to bed. I have since become an expert at it, but it took many-a-tries to work out the proper routine. I hope you are given a few more tries!

Eric said...

I found your blog, from reading a blog of a blog...

Sounds like you did pretty good with your "guys night in!"

I wonder how I will fair with the same circumstances...

My wife is pregnant with our first so I am sure I will have a few guys nites in too! I may come back here for some fatherly advise! LOL!

Cool blog BTW

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Diane - I did ok considering. I will be given more chances as Lukas gets older and less dependant on mom.

@Jeskates - Thanks, and congratualations on the impending bundle. Going to have a blog of your own?

Eric said...

yep- feel free to check it out!

Anonymous said...

You should have gone with the beer.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@jeskates - Going there now.

@Mocha Dad - You should always go with the beer. I was caught off guard.