Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"Millllk?" Came the question last night.

"No, It's all gone. You drank it all." was the reply from Mrs. LIAYF as she prepared for her evening meeting as a mentor to new first-time parents. "Daddy is going to put you to sleep tonight."

"Noooo. Milk!" Came next in a whiney, 'I'm tired' tone.
"No, Mommy's empty. You drank it all." my wife intoned.

"Lukas, how about I read you a few stories, then rock you to sleep?" I chimed in.


So, that is just what we did. Mrs. LIAYF went off to her meeting, I read Lukas 'Harold and the Purple Crayon', put him in his crib, and within a half an hour he was off to sleep without another word or fuss about missing his nightly nursing routine. Clearly, I hadn't been exposed to enough lavendar for it to be sucessful any other way.

It was always our (and by our I mean Mrs. LIAYF's as this was her decision alone) intention to nurse Lukas for at least 2 years which is the recommendation from the World Health Organization, then see what happened after that. However, it had become merely a comfort thing for Lukas of late as he was only nursing for a few short minutes once a day before bedtime.
So, after hearing how our son fared without his nightly brain food, my wife had only two words to say. And they presaged yet another rite of passage for both Lukas, as well as the two of us.

"It's time".



Mrs. M said...

Kudos to your wife for nursing as long as she did!! Both my kids gave it up around 10 months...and with my second I was a stay at home mom and I was hoping he would go longer.

Being us... said...

I think it is great that you got 2 years, that was my intention and I would have been able to do it too (Jacob was weaned at 17 months) but with the medicine that I need to be on during pregnancy the weaning was started earlier than originally planned! Great job!!!

McMommy said...

You know what this means, right?

Oh yeah.

Baby #2 is on the horizon!!!!!!!!

DCUrbanDad said...

You wife is a ROCK STAR!!! We have made it 14 months. At 16 months we will be done.

Women are amazing. Dudes are weenies.

korin said...

Congrats to you, and the Ms. and Luke. 2 years is no small feat! I always said the same thing, and ruby kept at it till 2.5 years, when it was apparent that we were both done. There were moments of bittersweet sadness, but over all nursing her for 30 months was one of my favorite parts of mothering a small child.
love to all of you!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Mighty M - Yeah, she did an awesome job on this. Another reason I love her.

@Being Us - Luckily she didn't experience a reason she had to give it up earlier than they were both ready. Thanks.

@McMommy - Hmmmm....We will have to see about that in time.

@DC Urban Dad - Yeah, I think so too. And thanks. You made her smile with that comment.

@Korin - Thanks for the comment. It means a lot to her, and I know that the past couple of days have been a bit sad for her too.

Trooper Thorn said...

Whew! When I first read this i thought you said you planned to nurse for 20 years.

Melodie said...

Sounds like he's ready to let it go which will make it a gentle transition - that's great! Key is having you do the bedtime thing for awhile. Mommy (read boobies) out of sight, Mommy out of mind. But maybe not. All kids are so different. He sounds like a great kid.
Yay for going two years to the Mrs! He's a lucky boy!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your wife is my hero... Princess Nagger decided she would have none of it just a few days shy of her first birthday... :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Trooper - Now that would be something.

@Melodie - It has been an emotional few days for her, which is understandable. All in all, it is going well though. Thanks for the comment.

@Stacy - That will make her happy to hear. Also, sounds like Princess was ready, so it was the perfect time for you.