Monday, November 23, 2009

No Laughing Matter

Seattledad: “Hi I’m James and, uh,… I'm a Laugh-Aholic”

All: “Hiiii James”

Seattledad: “ Well, I guess it's been a tough week for me. Unfortunately, I had a minor relapse”

All: “Ohhhhhh” (disbursed mumblings and quiet whispers back and forth)

Seattledad: “Yeah, everything has been going so well recently too, what with all the long hours spent on remodeling. And the money…yeah the stress that finances add to a situation, coupled with my recent bout with a persistent virus have really kept my recovery ON track. I seemed to be doing so well. So well (fading).

Face in the crowd: “What Happened, Man! Tell us what happened”

Seattledad: “Well, my 2 year old was sitting on the potty yesterday...”

Voice from the back: “Not the potty! Curse those things. You gotta be strong man. Strong.”

Seattledad: “I know, I know. I should’ve seen it coming. He was sitting there, still groggy from naptime and out of habit I sort of exaggerated my stride as I passed the door. Immediately, the kids cracks up.”

Guy in row 5: “You should have extricated yourself right there, Dude!”

Seattledad: “Yes, I should have. But I was too weak. I didn't see it coming. I thought about calling someone, but-no phone. Next thing you know I am passing by the door backwards the other way…and the little guy completely loses it. Loud, exaggerated laughs echoed from the bathroom. Right there guys. Right there I was hooked. I started going back and forth past that door, each time altering my stride or direction in increasingly exaggerated ways. I even did circles till I got dizzy! Sure, I should have found an out. Might have been able to, but I found myself completely lost in the high of the moment."

Face in the Crowd again: "He was on the TOILET fuh crying out loud!"

Seattledad: "And he kept on begging me for MORE! Calling out ‘More Daddy, more!’ and ‘You’re silwi daddy’." (wiping at eyes). "Sorry, I get emotional thinking of it."

Moderator: “That is enough for today James. And don’t let it get to you big guy. Yes, you messed up alright, but that is what we are here for. To get you through these tough times.”

“Yeah! Uh, Huh! Word!” (strong looks of support)

Seattledad: “Thanks. That’s why I love you guys. (Looking away, fist clenched, arm in L shape).

All: (Applause)


ericdbolton said...

I love it when I do things and my kids laugh at the same time..

They get my jokes..

It's usually followed by rolled eyes from the wife..

Steve said...

Brilliant post.

My favourite sound in the world is the barely audible wheezing of me and my boy as we lie doubled up on the floor trying to catch our breath at some silly joke we just shared.

Mrs. M said...

What a fun way to share this story! Fortunately I think you may have a LOT more meetings in your future! :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Eric - Yeah, the wife isn't always on board with the humor, but she has endured it for better than 13 years.

@Steve - Yes, absolutely. There is nothing better than sharing those moments with you children.

@Mighty M - Just throwing it against the wall to see if it would stick.

As for the group. We may have to start meeting on a twice a week basis.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I get my kid to crack up like that I milk it for everything it's worth. The other day snapping fingers was funny. I did it every way possible until it wasn't funny anymore.

Martin said...

I was waiting for a spillage or a mess as a result, funny.

WeaselMomma said...

Appreciate it now dude, by the time he's 15, he'll be shutting the door on your face.

Lady Mama said...

Haha. I can just imagine that! I think it's worth indulging in those moments.

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Great post! Also gives a whole new meaning to the acronym LMAO!!

Hope you're feeling well again soon.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@PJ - They are such an easy crowd too, aren't they. Makes you look like a comic genius.

@Xbox- I think the distraction was holding off the inevitable. Glad there was no spilage.

@WeaselMomma - I'm not sure I would want to be anywhere near him in the bathroom when he is 15.

@Lady Mama - Absolutely. I take every opportunity to do just that.

@Karen - Glad you enjoyed it. As I tweeted, I have strep throat, so now have the meds I need to get better.

Jack Steiner said...

It is good to be the hero.