Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Real Treat

This year was the real deal. Lukas' first Halloween Trick-or-Treating. Yes, we did take him around the block when he was four months old but that was more to show him off in his cute penguin costume.

Then last year we discovered what real Halloween horror was as our son was admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital with a serious staff infection. We were quarantined in our room for 36 hours over the holiday while the hospital confirmed the infection was not MRSA. It was the scariest Halloween Mrs. LIAYF and I ever experienced.

Saturday night, however, was simply pure fun. Lukas was dressed to the nines as a Firechief and after an afternoon party we pulled onto our block to the flashing lights of local 'Engine 31' responding to an emergency call a few houses down. We walked up to take a closer look, then 4 firefighters came out to load back into the truck and one of them came over with a huge smile and handed Lukas an official Firefighter sticker, calling him "Chief". Then as Engine 31 pulled away, all 4 firefighters waved at him enthusiastically and honked the truck horn as they passed. He beamed.

Next it was off to the houses for his first taste of trick-or-treating . We explained the concept to him - "You knock on the door and say 'Trick-or-Treat' and the family will give you a surprise" - however, we were not sure what he would make of it since he has NEVER had any candy. In fact, after grabbing a tootsie roll from one house he enthusiastically pronounced "Look, a brown stick!"

It didn't matter though, as Lukas was having a blast just visiting strange houses, most often yelling "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" as we approached a door. Then when it opened making a quick dash inside past the surprised occupant, leaving Mrs. LIAYF or I to sheepishly chase after him into the person's home. It was ok however, as we were always let off with a smile and a laugh. Especially after we explained our 'Family' costume - Fireman, Kitty (Mrs. LIAYF), and Tree (Me covered in autumn leaves).

All in all it was pure fun for all of us, and a much needed break from the hectic hours we have been putting in evenings and weekends.
We already can't wait for next year!
P.S. The foil wrapped chocolate eyeballs were also met with disappointment as he tried to bounce them but they just thudded on the floor.


Steve said...

What a great day. Sounds like you made up for last year, big time!

Irrational Dad said...

He ran IN the house? That's great! Too bad he didn't yell "Where's the fire?!?!" while doing so.

SciFi Dad said...

That's awesome that you all dressed up, although from the photo it looks like the kitty is saving the fireman.

(Hope you all enter the contest.)

Anonymous said...

"Look, a brown stick", now that is funny stuff. We did the neighborhood parade, but didn't take little man trick or treating. Maybe next year.

Mrs. M said...

So glad you had a good time, it does indeed sound so much better than last year!

Creative-Type Dad said...

If you throw the eyeballs hard enough they can sometimes bounce.

WILLIAM said...

Darn, Creative-type dad beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

I like the costumes. Why no picture of you?

A Free Man said...

We don't do Halloween here and I'm of two minds about it. Personally, I don't care - never a big fan of the holiday. But for my boys, I'm a bit sad. We always had fun as kids.

DGB said...

That's awesome.

The Bean has already announced what he's going to be for the next 4 Halloweens.