Friday, July 30, 2010

Brave Little Knees

We took Lukas to the doctor for his 3 year checkup yesterday. I, meeting them after work, arrived about half way through the appointment. Once the pediatrician had left the room I turned to Mrs. LIAYF and asked if there was anything the doctor had mentioned before I arrived.

"His Knees" She indicated.

"Really? She was CONCERNED about a few little scrapes?"

"No" she replied. "She actually thought they were great."


"Yeah, she said that too often she sees kids his age with perfectly smooth and unbruised legs. It's many of those kids that she can tell rarely get outside to play."

This statement kind of floored me. Because, at his age, I couldn't imagine not getting Lukas outside to play. He is so active. It's hard to believe there are kids out there who spend most of their time inside, and not engaged in active play. But apparently they do exist.

Then again maybe those parents have just bought their kids knee pads. Like we have been considering for Lukas.
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Kevin Bruce said...

The fact that you guys live in the rainiest place ON EARTH and little LIAYF can still go out and play means the other kids on the globe have NO excuse ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post and even better parenting my brother. Kids belong out in the world exploring.

Mrs. M said...

Nice! My kids always look about the same from the knee down too..

ericdbolton said...

What does it say about me that my kid broke his arm playing at 2 years old?

Portland Dad said...

Our Pediatrician said the same thing. Good to know that letting them fall is an important part of parenting

Cheryl said...

I remember the pediatrician telling me not to keep the house too clean when I brought my first kid was born. After that I realized that these guys weren't quite as fragile as I had thought.
Cheers to bruised knees and shins everywhere!

WeaselMomma said...

No knee pads! My pediatrician loves to see bruised up kids, for the same reason.

Spencer Park said...

My knees still bear the scars to show that I had a happy childhood. I hope that my kids knees will tell their own story also!

Pam said...

letting kids outside to play is the best medicine for sure. my ex does not like to let my girls ages 13 and 11 go outside, not even in his backyard, without someone watching them. i think it's great to be concerned, but it's not great to be to obsessed about it.

i would rather my girls go outside with friends then be stuck to their computers all day. my stepson has not really gone outside all summer with the exception of football practice and vacation. he's 15 and addicted to his xbox live :o/

Didactic Pirate said...

That's a pretty cool perspective on scraped knees. And am I mistaken or is your blog title from a Peggy Rathman book? Double cool.

Mrs. LIAYF said...

@Didactic Pirate - Good eye! It's from "The Day the Babies Crawled Away" - one of Lukas' favorites (and ours).

Kevin McKeever said...

The Things have doctor's appointments next week. I feel the need to kick each of them in the shins.

Homemaker Man said...

My doc calls it "typical toddler bruising." I was always kind of proud if my bruises and scrapes as a kid, and now I know I was right.

Captain Dumbass said...

Knee pads? Why didn't I think of that...

Brandon said...

Just about every time we take Maddie to the doctor we do the once over to see what new bruise or scrap she has. We know the doctor understands that she is a rough player but it's good to a hear doctor that acknowledges that kid's play and that we don't keep them in bubbles.

Keith Wilcox said...

I think that's clever and sound reasoning on the doctor's part. Funny how, when you have to determine the physical and mental state of a little kid who doesn't communicate well, a doctor picks up on those subtleties. I'm impressed.

Rachael said...

How cool. Sounds like a good doc.

Chris (@tessasdad) said...

What a cool doctor. My little Tessa's knees look just like that. She is only pointing outside for us to take her out. She loves it!

Like you I can't imagine not taking my kid out to play. We've even gotten into the same routine I had as a kid, going out to play after dinner every night.

Slamdunk said...

I just checked my knees and am in need of more outside play.

EdathomeDad said...

I remember on our 3yr visit the doctor taking a look at her legs and asking if she played field hockey. My daughter said, "no, field hockey, I play a lot of soccer".

Otter Thomas said...

Braden's knees look awful, and make me feel bad for him some time. Other times I am proud of my rough little boy. Anyway the Dr.'s comment makes me feel better. There are way too many indoor kids in the world.

SciFi Dad said...

Good for you. My kids both have scrapes and stuff (despite my wife and her knee and elbow pad obsession) too, although the doctor has never spoken about it.

Knatolee said...

Oh, I know kids who don't go outside to play. It's great that Lukas gets out and about.

And here I am, middle-aged, and still scratched and bruised from spending time outdoors. Bring it on! :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Kevin - It's not as bad here as it's reputation. Thankfully.

@DC - Thanks.

@Mighty M - Most kids do, thankfully.

@Eric - Father of the year!

@Portland Dad - It is. Thanks.

@Weaselmomma - Once he starts to bleed, I always wish we had bought him kneepads

@Cheyrl - I wonder if you know that earlier the second time around?

@Spencer - Mine too. Thanks for stopping by.

@ciara - There definitely needs to be a balance.

@Didactic - Yes! Good catch and great book.

@Mrs. LIAYF - Glad you found that book.

@Always - Cracked me up.

@Homemakerman - I'm sure they see a ton of it. Glad they like to see it.

@Captain - You have another chance at it now!

@Brandon - So true. The bubble thing didn't work out so good for Travolta. lol.

@Keith - He actually communicates amazingly well right now. Doc said he was off the charts.

@Chris - Sounds like a great routine.

@Rachael - She is.

@Slamdunk - lol.

@Ed - She sounds pretty hilarious.

@Otter - Yeah, it was pretty interesting for me to hear too. Reassuring.

@Scifi - I'm sure not having pads probably teaches them to be more careful.

@Knatolee - Yes, bring it on. So surprising that there are kids who don't get much active play. They must be bouncing off the walls at home.

writtendad said...

I can't understand how a parent could keep their child's legs unscathed. He's got scrapes upon scrapes on His legs, even now at 6, and, what-do-you-know, He's surviving!

Anonymous said...

My wife is always looking at our son's knees and legs and wondering if he looks too bruised. I always tell her that he's a little boy who loves to climb and jump and slide. It's all good.