Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Count

Mrs LIAYF was all a twitter a couple nights ago. She traveled from room to room focused on her task. She was sorting, winnowing, and counting. Soon, she was also grabbing a couple of canvas bags and filling them to capacity with those that didn't make the cut. Each bag had a specific intended destination.

Only then, once her task was complete, did she make her way back to the kitchen where I had been planted the whole time in front of my laptop - most likely staring blankly at my Tweetdeck application. She then grabbed a post it notepad and pencil and scribbled something down while smiling over at me.

"Give me a number" she instructed with a sparkle in her eye.

"Hmmm.....100?" I guessed.



"Nope. Higher."

" Higher than 18o?" I tried again.

At that point she extended the post it note in my direction. "That figure does not include the two bags sitting in the foyer (they contained about 65) or what we have downstairs in the basement playroom that aren't in regular circulation (maybe another 175)."

I knew we had accumulated a large number since Lukas was born through gifts, thrift shops, and hand me downs, but this number surprised even me.


Lukas just turned 3 and his library already consists of nearly 500 kid books. Many of them story collections by a single author. An impressive number. One that upon reflection, Mrs. LIAYF and I are proud of too. Plus Lukas soaks them in and rarely fails to ask for "Just one more?" Most often, we oblige.

(Reading 'au natural 'at an early age)

Sometimes it feels like I have read each one of them nearly 500 times.


photography printing companies said...

I agree with you, I really think that it is something to be proud of, because others maybe collecting toys for their children you are collecting books instead and this can do a lot of positive effects on your kid. I think I should congratulate you for it :)

Homemaker Man said...

We have a ton of books too. The problem here is that the Peanut only likes about three of them in rotation at a time. If I have to read "Are you My Mother?" again, I'm going to drive this house into a telephone pole. On the bright side, Green eggs And Ham.

Didactic Pirate said...

Yep. If you're going to fill your house with a lot of something, books are the way to go, especially kid books. Our in-house count is similar. And now that our daughter is 8, and we suggest clearing her room of the pictures books she used to read as a toddler to make room for the chapter books she reads now, she steadfastly refuses to part with them. Any of them.

Evan said...

I know it sounds silly, but even when he gets big and tall keep a box of your 50 faves in the attic or wherever, because before you know it the next round of little ones will be here and looking for the good stuff.
(So glad we didn't have to re-buy all the Frog & Toads.)

Anonymous said...

.... aaaaand which one is his favorite? Story likes War and Peace naturally...

Keith Wilcox said...

Holy Cow! 500 kid books. I never counted ours, but I'm betting it's quite a bit less than that. Yeah, that's totally impressive.

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Blimey! I thought my boys had lots of books!

Anonymous said...

That is an impressive number of books. I'd be surprised if we have 20% of that, but my son only wants us to read about 10 of them to him at any given point in time.

Anonymous said...

The moon is high, the sea is deep. They rock, and rock, and rock, to sleep. I can still recite the whole book, not just the last lines, and many other books to boot. I'm convinced they're every bit as good as "whose woods these are, I think I know..." Keep on keeping on! Missy (Anne's Transy friend)

Surfer Jay said...

500! That's rad. I like books, I collect them, and I don;t even have that many for my kid. Dang I need to do some catching up.

Mrs. M said...

We have a scary number of kids books around here too - I love to buy them. I think I get them more for me than for the kids because I get tired of reading the same ones over and over again.