Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Father-Son Movie Moments

I love movies.  This, of course, is not an earth shattering statement.  I mean, it would be nearly impossible to find the guy who doesn't love movies, right?  I'm sure he's out there, somewhere.  Just like Bigfoot, UFO's, Chupacabra, and honest politicians.

Anyway, being a Dad Blog I thought it would be a fun idea, sticking with my theme, to present a list of my 10 favorite Father-Son movie moments. 

I am sure I'll think of a few I missed by the time I publish this, but here they are:

10. The Lion King: Mufasa speaks with Simba. Fatherly advice from The King of the Jungle.

9.  A Christmas Story:  Classic scene where Ralphie's father finally presents him with a Red Ryder BB Gun.

8.  Frequency: I couldn't find a direct link to it, but I really enjoyed the scene where father and son get to speak through time.

7.  Mr. Mom: Michael Keaton gives his son a man to man talk. From the 1983 classic.

6.  National Lampoon's Vacation: Although not the model of great fathering, Clark Griswold is nonetheless a hilarious father character as witnessed in this classic scene where Rusty shares his first beer with his dad.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness: I haven't actually watched this whole film, but I've seen this clip a few times, and I love it's message.

4. Big Fish: Terrific final scene where the son delivers his father to the next chapter of  his life.

3. The Empires Strikes Back: How could a blog titled 'Luke, I am Your Father' not include this scene?  One of the most iconic ever filmed.

2. Field of Dreams: I hope that when I am long gone, Lukas will build a ball field which would allow me to come play catch with him.  I'll even settle for a backyard, if that is all he can manage.

1. Life is Beautiful:  This is a beautiful but heart wrenching movie, and watching this scene again - now that I am a father - brings a whole new range of emotions I didn't have when I originally viewed it.

So, tell me readers, what are your favorite father and child scenes from the movies?


Steve said...

Excellent post, thanks for this.

Without doubt Life Is Beautiful is number 1 on my list too. I would also include Paris Texas. Any number of scenes. Maybe the walking home from school on opposite sides if the road, or watching the old super 8 footage.

triles said...

I haven't been around blogs that long, but this is probably the best idea for a post I've seen.

I have two daughters, but I really enjoyed your list. The Father-Daughter scene that has always stuck with me is the scene in 16 Candles when the Dad finally realizes he's forgotten his daughter's 16th birthday. Their talk on the couch gets me every time.

Didactic Pirate said...

These are great. I became a lot of susceptible to Father-Kid movies after my daughter was born, and these are some of the ones that can definitely get me all choked up.

I fully expect my daughter to build a baseball field to communicate with me in the afterlife too. Or maybe a Death Star.

SciFi Dad said...

The scene from The New Guy where DJ Quall and Lyle Lovett are talking about college and how his father (LL) is going to drive their mobile home to wherever his son goes, and then accidentally shakes a flaming marshmallow into his eye and his whole face catches on fire.

Never fails to move me.

Papa K said...

Def Field of Dreams... you hit that one on the head.

How about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? That whole exchange they had all through that movie was great!

Idaho Dad said...

I've always enjoyed the interaction between the father and son in Breaking Away. Throughout most of the movie, the dad acts exasperated, trying to understand his son. But, at the end, when they really need each other, they shed all the pretense and just love and support each other.

Ed said...

Parenthood. Jason Robards had some pretty good fatherhood moments as did Steve Martin.

Ed said...

What am I thinking!!! Rocky Blaboa. Great father son movie.

ericdbolton said...

I'm a sucker for Field of Dreams and Frequency...

Keith Wilcox said...

I thought Frequency was going to be a stupid move, but it wasn't. In fact, I think it's one of the best family, father/son movies I've seen. I have not seen Life is Beautiful. That looks like a good rent. Thanks for the list, man!

Homemaker Man said...

Kramer Vs. Kramer is a killer.

Slamdunk said...

Interesting clip with the Life is Beautiful movie--I have not seen that.

My favorite is from the movie Shenandoah when Jimmy Stewart's youngest son (a teen) enters the back of a church service where his dad and family are attending after just escaping from a POW camp--they did not expect to ever see him alive again.

FilmFather said...

Great list. As a bookend to #3, you'd have to include Luke and Vader's final words together in Return of the Jedi.

How about The Champ with Ricky Schroeder and Jon Voight? Hardly a classic, but the ending (which I won't spoil) had me bawling as a kid when I saw it.

Also, pretty much any father/son scene from Finding pick.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Steve - Never seen Paris, TX. Sounds depressing but good.

@Tim - Thanks for that. I hate to admit it but I like that flick too.

@Didactic - Ooooh, a Death Star would be great.

@Scifi - Sounds awesome.

@PapaK - Easily could have added that one too.

@Phil - I haven't watched that movie. I need to rent it.

@Ed Haven't seen either of those. getting good suggestions.

@Keith - LIB is a terrific movie, but definitely not a light subject.

@Homemaker Man - been a while but I remember that being a great movie.

@Slamdunk - Shenandoah sounds great. Will have to pick that one up.

@FilmFather - Thanks for the suggestions. Great to tap your resources.

Jason said...

Fantastic list! I have to agree most of all with Life is Beautiful Incredible movie and a dad that can't be beat, but I cried like a baby.

Anonymous said...

What, no Tommy Boy? :) The wedding scene where Tommy and his dad sing at the wedding is touching. Well, the beginning of the scene is.

osamaabdo said...

thank you for that
i love ur blog

David said...

One of my favorite father movies is also a great movie about becoming a man and facing your own demons: Paul Newman in Nobodys Fool.

Anonymous said...

You have to check out Bicycle Thieves -

Bring tears...